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  1. I hope it is! (I'm playing to myself too)
  2. Simple, either click this link https://www.computerhope.com/htmcolor.htm or search for color names in code and click the first option, there are lots of colors to use and it will give you the HTML code for it so you can paste it onto the notepad, if you don't know how to find the notepad file, it's simple: For windows 10 use your file explorer click on view and check the hidden items box, now go to quick access and go to appdata, then go to locallow, team niche, then click on ActionPointColors, now you have reached your destination. (I don't know the ways for other computers like mac and Linux).
  3. It seemed well for Tavan and Ronu, but alas, luck had other plans
  4. These are the only rules you need or can follow, age settings are up to you
  5. Anyone ever thought there wasn't enough murder in niche? Anyone ever wondered what it'd be like if you went past your morals and murdered more nichelings than your occasional rogue males? Well then, this is the challenge for you! The rules are pretty simple: Whatever comes into your line of sight, you murder, now, there are exceptions, balance bears, killer bearyenas, and apes. There's another exception, you can mate with nichelings that have over 3 strength, and you can invite baby nichelings, but if you don't bring in the baby nicheling, you have to kill it like every other thing you murder, you may choose to either breed with or murder baby bearyenas too. Next rule is that any nicheling in your tribe must have killed either a bearyena or a nicheling (rogue males included) to breed. Another rule, albeit optional, is that your bloodthirsty cannibalistic nichelings have customs, you may choose atleast two if you want to: Nichelings can only have one mate, Your tribe has one alpha of any gender or a specific one above all customs (you can choose to lineages or not), you may make your nichelings worship any object (for example, kelp, savannah trees, stumps, rocks, or rabbil burrows) and last but not least, make your own weird customs if you want to. Now, nicheling creation is simple. Choose an eyecolor for your nichelings, and give your starters one claw, make everything else random and maybe add normal eyesight, normal blood clotting, and maybe make sure your nichelings don't end up sick, if you want. Now, choose any island except for the three easy islands that aren't archipelago. Now that we have those down, here's one last note, start with 30 food and 35 nesting materials, and the only creature you can disable is the peaceful bear, nothing else may be disabled. Now that you have the ruleset, you can use this challenge and murder everyone around you because of this challenge! (Please don't try this challenge irl) Have fun, whether you decide to play this or not! Additional Options/ Rules that are now Added- 1. Peace Rebellions (O)- For roleplay purposes, you can add a peace group that never lays a paw on anything, they have the omega ranking and they cannot attack anything (Even berry bushes) no matter what. If a child they have has claw or is a rogue child, the child will have instincts to join the Killer Tribe. The peace rebellion can invite any nicheling, but if any nicheling lays a paw on a creature, it will be banished (And can be invited or killed by the Killer Tribe). All peace members can breed, but they can only have 3 children max (Twins count as 1). Peace Rebellions are not the main focus of this challenge. They will be disbanded if there are no members left. 2. The ability to mate with 2 strength creatures at low nicheling amounts (A)- You can do this if you want to now, but only at low amounts of nichelings (4-1) 3. You can now invite females in if they have 3 (or 2..?) Strength (A)- You can now do this.
  6. Um, how about Tavan and Ronu? They love eachother as brothers but are not related. If they live hopefully they aren't the last ones alive
  7. These are the settings for this challenge- Now, here's the rules: No inviting males in You must release any males you have once they grow to adulthood Those are the only rules you must follow, otherwise you can play however you want. Enjoy!
  8. I was playing a save file with this challenge applied, and then something crazy happened. The female of one of the normal families was sickly, so right after her first child she died. Then the day after her death, a bearyena came. The bearyena killed the male and the child tried to escape, but the bearyena caught up right after eating the male and killed the daughter. I don't want to post my playthrough, so I just posted it here.
  9. Want to torture challenge yourself, but those other challenges are somehow not hard enough for you? Then play this monstrosity! Settings And lastly, no berry bushes and absolutely NO wanderers or rogue males How do you live past this one female, you ask, here's the answer: Finding a way to murder a mother bearyena The only way to breed is to find a friendly bearyena, if you can't find one or kill a bearyena, you lose. Will anyone win this Harder than Honestly Very Very Very Hard Challenge™️? Also, you can start on any medium island and above
  10. I think I'll try this, I might have this tab open quite a bit, but the rules are actually pretty easy to remember
  11. Finally, the defender bear's reign of terror is over!!
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