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  1. Well, I haven't yet played a niche roleplay, so here I go Prikupri- Deity of Entrancement Prikupri seems pretty useless, with his deformed paws and his short-sightedness, most thought the only thing he could do was attract females. But, he had a secret ability, using his flamboyant tail he can stun and temporarily blind any creature that can see him. When he gets the chance he can attract any creature that can here him. He's the Deity of Entrancement;. In life he was abandoned by his small family and adopted by a wanderer named Eltalsa, when a bearyena invaded he flashed his tail at it as a last resort and it stunned him. Later he found out he could attract bunnils with his voice, he attracted an orphan named Duktan, but a bluebird picked the child up while Prikupri wasn't looking. Enerico- Deity of revenge/karma Enerico was the product of a rogue male, his mother despised him, his mother's mate despised him, the other nichelings despised him, nobody liked him. They decided to sacrifice him to the bearyena terrorizing them. The niche gods and deities took pity on him and he got a second chance at life. He was born looking the same, except for the fact he had ram horns, spiky body, and two claws. Everybody had loved him this life, but he remembered what they had done to him last life. When he grew his third gem he coaxed his mother and step-father into following him, he killed them and stained his claws and ram horns with blood, he also painted it onto his eyes in a scar-like pattern. He had worked diligently, leading bearyenas in, leaving children unattended for the bluebirds, and killing with his own claws. Eventually he had killed all of his tribe, but the deities weren't happy. They had given Enerico a second life to teach with peace, not violence, they punished him by taking one of his claws and banishing him to a barren area of the skies. He had named the area The Arduous and had taken other evil nichelings and rogue males under his wing, guiding mistreated nichelings to vengeance and aiding them in it. But at one point, he realized that what he was doing was unrightous and he had decided to enlist in a more tame version of revenge, karma. He used it on the rogue males who bred with innocent females and he used it on the nichelings who did wrong for the wrong reasons. When the deities realized his new ways, they decided to bring him into their ranks instead. He had gained a scorpion tail and bearyena hindlegs with this, but kept his missing paw and blind eyes for creating The Arduous. He now uses the blood of bearyenas and bluebirds to paint his fur, claws, horns, and scorpion tail instead.
  2. So, a bearyena killed a rabbil, my nicheling went up to where the defender bear was to gather some roots, and the defender bear killed the nicheling (attack was set to x100). I didn't attack anything within eyesight range, but the defender bear decided to kill my nicheling. I would put a screenshot up but I can't find it, I'm afraid.
  3. No more crabbits stuck inside of trees!
  4. yeah... 'I can't kill this baby' 'Why can't I kill babies in niche?' 'Help, the baby won't die' they all sound twisted
  5. I can't think of a title because all of the titles I thought of sound terrible
  6. I attacked this baby for research purposes, and it didn't die (even though little ruvan has the "baby effect", this status effect is supposed to make a nicheling with this effect die to any attack. And also, I don't think they should be drowning themselves...
  7. I have a similar issue where the wanderers that get frozen end up still being able to walk around
  8. I know the lighting glitch was bad, but I guess I'm lucky that it's all I got in terms of stinky fruit glitches.
  9. I don't know if this is a bug or intentional, but I can't get bloodwing here to scoop the fish that went into the deep water.
  10. @PhiloThis is the second time this has happened, a wander spawned in a tree. I can invite dukvanvan in, but he doesn't have wings, so he shouldn't be in the tree.
  11. Pirate A baby found in the water, no water body. How'd she get here??? A squirrel was caught in the act of stealing acorns! A scorpion tail nicheling with pink claws sneaks up on the tribe. Another baby is found, but this time she is on land, and not in the water for no reason. ANOTHER orphan is found! This time in the jungles and not on the back of a whale! Why are so many of the rogues I took screenshots of babies? … ANOTHERRRR baby, also from the waters, the deep waters of the archipelago.
  12. Replying to the twins thing, this is a gigantic coincidence I ran into while playing in the burning savannas... Ronu was a wanderer, and yet he seemed to look like Tavan's brother. Ronu was the same age as Tavan. Ronu was his brother from another mother and father. They were opposites, and yet they were similar. Ronu and Tavan were a gigantic and wonderful coincidence.
  13. Also I think a combination of B and C would be good, velvet paw could use more stealth and help you move faster in the jungle. But I don't fully agree with C because I feel snowpaw would be a good gene (I made a name for it) on its own, and would let a nicheling walk on snow.
  14. I think velvet paw helps you sneak on rabbils, for example, a nicheling with claw and runner's leg can get close to a rabbil and it will run away. But if a nicheling with a claw and a velvet paw gets close to one it might not move because it cannot hear the creature. These are assumptions from my experience, I have no idea if it affects that.
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