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  1. I mean that there wouldn't just be the wing taking up the slot, the dragon's leg would be there too.
  2. The wings are connected to the front legs on most dragons.
  3. That's true, however lots of types of dragons that we imagine have wings.
  4. It doesn't. However, if there are any fire breathing predators added, they could be able to set the environment on fire for the purpose of killing the nichelings.
  5. Thanks. I srsly had never noticed that before.
  6. 1. On most dragons, they are. 2. Well, I guess that wouldn't make sense. But if they are connected to front limbs, there would be dragon talons that would give the strength.
  7. U can read my "new abilities" post.
  8. I like to create characters from a LOT of open species form other ppl... so here. And, my cats.
  9. Well for one, Dragon wings are connected to front paws. That is the biggest difference. And also, most dragons have sharper inner wing edges.
  10. I don’t remember the bat wings looking dragon like.
  11. But it would look more dragon like, with a claw and everything. It’s rlly just for a cooler wing.
  12. Climbing paw allows a creature to climb Crocodile tail give +1 swimming Snake tail allows a creature to climb
  13. Squirrel like creatures are sources of prey. They live in trees and can be scared off by climbing or flying onto the tree, or by calling. Elk like creatures are like Walrus Deers, but spawn in the Woodlands and are a little weaker from less mass. Crocodilian creatures would spawn in swamps and are predators. Though they are slow out of watery areas.
  14. Coral reefs would have new colorful corals that you can collect for food, and would have lots of sea grass, fish, and clams. Caves would be home to bat like nichelings and would force nichelings with max seeing to only see one space of darkness. Woodlands would be home to the bear breeds, and has lots of different tree types.
  15. Fire Breathing would burn the target Climbing allows a wingless animal to to go on top of trees, and might scare a squirrel creature, that I will talk about on a different post, out of the tree along the way. Glowing allows a creature to light up the extra darkness in a cave I will talk about in a different post.
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