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  1. My speedrun is going great! I'm just wondering, how long do I need to wait? I don't want to starve before I end.
  2. this is so cool! Im interested in seeing how it progresses
  3. Hello, I think this is going to be my new home thread! For the first time in forever, I checked the forum description. I have a question for everyone: what breeds of goldfish have you had? I've had normal, rainbow, confetti and cheddar blast.
  4. so how far is everyone willing to go with this?
  5. I never got a chance to see one, even though i searched and searched
  6. myself in the foot with my impulsive ideas When I grow up my pet will ....
  7. probably sell it, and some idiot will eat it When we make it to mars....
  8. I saw page 404 and I really thought that it was an error
  9. I know I've had some very beautiful nichelings, and some great storywise, but I lost all of the screenshots. I'd given up on the idea of this thread, and then I got the most beautiful Eve. Everyone send a picture of some of your favorite nichelings (doesn't have to be on looks alone!) and their backstories.
  10. All of your nichelings are so cute! Makes me want to play again
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