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  1. Did you drop off the side of the planet or..?

    (Please come back-)

    1. You didnt deserve me.

      You didnt deserve me.

      I've never seen this person before

  2. I suggested the exact same thing! It’s a problem
  3. Ah, I’m sorry I thought the picture didn’t fit her personality!
  4. I might actually be able to do that, how do I sign up as a tester?
  5. (It’s 12 am, time for bed soon. Are we going to continue now, in a new day or (irl) at a later time?)
  6. Primrose gaped at the dragon. “U-um.” At a loss for words, she just stared. Gathering all of her courage she said, ”you’re weird, who are you gwuys?”
  7. -TYOR she gazed around sleepily, taking it in with big eyes. She couldn’t really understand what was going on, but was very curious. Alas, she was too tired to do anything. She rested her head down, and was swept into sleep.
  8. (What age are they? Like, compared to humans)
  9. -call out She said loudly “Hello? Who’s there?”
  10. It’s quarantine, everything is normal now
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