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  1. I suggested the exact same thing! It’s a problem
  2. -TYO She paced nervously, fluttering her tiny wings. She waddled closer, concerned. She said to them, “Twis stworm seems worsh than normal.”
  3. (I always get lost 😢 where am I at?
  4. -Flee to your parents she tore at her hammock as she desperately scrambled to get out, running to her parents hammocks
  5. Ah, I’m sorry I thought the picture didn’t fit her personality!
  6. “Of cwourse!” Primrose chirped
  7. Primrose looked up with big adoring eyes, and said, “We were having fuuun!”
  8. I might actually be able to do that, how do I sign up as a tester?
  9. (It’s 12 am, time for bed soon. Are we going to continue now, in a new day or (irl) at a later time?)
  10. Primrose gaped at the dragon. “U-um.” At a loss for words, she just stared. Gathering all of her courage she said, ”you’re weird, who are you gwuys?”
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