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  1. I’ll send it in a bit, I’m almost home
  2. I can't open any niche files. Every time I try to open niche it just opens the game. I'm trying to access the name files, to add more starting names. This is my first time adding anything than like mods for minecraft, so I'd appreciate anything you come up with.
  3. How do you access it? Im in my desktop and every time I try to open niche it just opens the game. I've looked for it too, any advice?
  4. Name: Macy Gender: Female Looks: A willowy young girl with light brown hair, dark mischievous brown eyes and pale skin. Other info: Is quite the jokester, but is scared easily
  5. Yeah like, it’s definitely me! I was over there
  6. He plays with Toast Corpse Valkyrae Train and Poki to name a few
  7. He knows he can’t lie so he’s just sus all the time so people don’t know right away
  8. (Hey is it possible that I could join as a Gray/blueish tinted female with dark Gray stripes named Juniper? If you want to continue alone no hurt feelings )
  9. (Hey, could I join as either Vine or Dawn? I can’t draw rn as I’m in the car but I’d like to try and draw them and making join the rp no hurt feelings if you guys want to finish it alone)
  10. I actually want to try this, normally I either fail niche challenges or get bored and ignore them but this looks do able. It would also help me not over populate my tribes which is what I always do.
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