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  1. I had so much trouble recreating the exact shade of brown from the old versions. They came out either too pale or too dark and I had to pick one or the other. We'll just say being Tata he can look like whatever he wants. I had to do another kludge on Mela who should have toxic body, but the sandbox created nichelings with that gene always turn out blue. (My apologies for the confusion, I don't know of any other gods but these.)
  2. Is it that weird to keep rogue children? I don't have the heart to get rid of them. The worst I'll do is banish them if for challenge reasons I have to reduce tribe numbers. It' not their fault who their parents are and some of them are kind of cute. Now actual weird things? If an albino rogue shows up, he must be bred with - he might be Yuki!
  3. Given that we don't really have a real life equivalent, I can't say for sure but I also think it makes sense for them to fly, but not as well as they could if they had matching wings. They could probably get some lift out of them, it'd just be more difficult.
  4. Wow, how many people here apart from me are older than teens? I feel a bit weird now...
  5. I am glad to see people are enjoying Snowtouched, there are not enough Niche fics out there and I want to keep filling the gap. (That and it's practically the only thing I'm capable of writing fanfic for because it's so sandboxy.) Here's some more: the explorers, some of the bit characters who tagged along. Left to right: Kirro, Iskome, Tanu, and Meana. And a young Kois with her mother, Ala: No requests sorry, they are too much time, but I may do trades.
  6. I am waiting and waiting for a female Tata to appear and have been since I saw the updated syllable list. Also updated this: https://lilaclynx.neocities.org/nichegen.html
  7. My lady from Snowtouched: I made Kois too, but her genes are spoilery so I won't post her just yet.
  8. Albinism (because I'm Yuki's fanboy) and the bearyena genes because they look so cool! And yeah, I find short snout really pleasing to look at even if it doesn't give bonuses... and I admit I'm kind of fond of derp snout. It has its own special charm.
  9. Oh yeah... I'm the one who is responsible for the whole Bananananananananananananana thing. (It was a Discworld gag that got out of hand...)
  10. I never have done, but I would expect armoured body would be useful since they fight back when cornered (RIP Moose).
  11. Kalium

    SECRET Art Trade

    This sounds really cool. Are we allowed to submit fancharacters who have no in-game representation? I can provide a gene list.
  12. Some more! Vankirvan: another of the not-yet-introduced club. I had fun with his design, it's kind of silly but fun. Where else can you get away with a toxic catbeaversquirrelfrog? Some secondary characters I came up with to fill out the new island explorers' ranks. Kind of designed them to look like early game unspecialised creatures. And as a bonus, a cave-style Tata, from an in-story creation myth about how nichelings got their different genes and Tata, being Tata, ruined it for everyone: Oh, and here's the story all these guys are from: Snowtouched. (ta
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