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  1. The first time this happened was an accident, but the video was intentional. The workaround only applies to this one enemy, unless you want to start memorizing spawn patterns. Setting the spawn area outside would only fix it for the test area. Enemies spawning inside the drone has happened on planets in the demo. I've not run into that in the alpha yet, but it can probably still happen. A proper fix would be to do some kind of collision check
  2. 1. Typing anything overwrites the name instead of appending 2. 16 character long names bounce up and down when being edited
  3. It's kinda funny, but maybe something could be done to prevent enemies from spawning right on top of the drone.
  4. That's kind of what the game does now, except it only permits one connection per block. I was told an earlier build permitted free connection, but you could easily overwhelm the engine by connecting each block to every other block in range. While it would make things more stable, I was informed that the CPU load that developed from that many interconnections is significant. If the player decides to do that, it's their fault. It is better to give players the freedom to make interconnects rather than preventing it just in case someone makes a million of them and makes the game crash. Besieg
  5. Or you could do what besiege does, and allow connecting blocks with struts
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