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  1. Omg I'm playing cookie run kingdom for the first time today and the first cookie I get from the gatcha is raspberry!!!! I'm pretty sure she's rlly rare
  2. Azar

    Nicheling war

    same : P (even though i wasnt really that active in it during the end) id love to do something like it again but sadly i dont have enough time to anymore now that school as started again..
  3. Azar

    Nicheling war

    omg how has it been two years already i remember this like it was yesterday
  4. heheheh new modern
  5. i got g2 and g4 imps yesterday, they cant breed together since theyre releated BUT if anyone wants a low generation imp after my nests are hatched (for a fee of 10g each ofc) hmu (just a heads up the g2 is wearing a skin) the g4 the g2
  6. eh y'know what i wont leave completely ill stalk the forums from time to time and post once in a millions years, cyas
  7. ok bye im leaving this dupsterfire 👍 /j if you ever wanna talk im beans#6763 on discord
  8. yep im going to use these from now on (or at least try to remember to 👀)
  9. i just read what went down, and honestly i feel so bad for silver, like all she was doing was reminding fawn about drawing her oc?? like what did she do wrong?? sis dosent deserve this bs, especially with what shes going trough. also edit a lil edit since ive kinda thought about it a lil since im also autistic, i get that silver could come off as annoying or constantly invading bounderies, and thats 100% not an excuse to to act the way she does, especially when its online. ive never really spoke to silver, so i had no idea about the triggering vents, and thats just like- no sweetie no-. and i know that people have had to deal with her in alot of threads but like can yall please try to understand what shes going through at least? and i also really feel bad for fawn, all she wanted to do was draw for people and a stupid argument happend, like come on, why do all the good threads need to be ruined? im suprised the flight rising thread lasted that long and didnt have an argument (at least i hope so-)
  10. oooohhh, yeah that makes sense, ty!
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