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  1. me and my brother used to collect the cards and play the game when we were younger. all the cards were probably used as fire fuel and my katzuma from the game is probably dead.
  2. i have like 50 lps or something but there all either under my bed never to be found, eaten by my dog, were turned customs, or fake
  3. do you know your nan or aunts phone number by any chance?
  4. ok so heres some fun facts so basically: some lore facts: so the gods started their life as literal beans with faces. once all the islands were fused together, until quartz (my goddess of water) and Duki (my god of destruction and war, suprisingly) found out that they can do stuff. once all the nichelings in the islands were immortal and didn't need to eat/drink, until Rerie ( my god of berries) and Candi ( goddess of meat) got angry at Duki and Quartz for separating the land. Nichelings: most Nichelings in the islands actually call themselves cats/foxes/deer any Nichelings with bat genes are killed or sent to a deserted island with little food. some Nichelings become demi-gods if a certain god likes them. Example: if Quartz likes a Nicheling that can't breath underwater, they become a demi-god and can suddenly breath underwater Demi-god nichelings are usually the alpha of a tribe. ( i just realised that i should maybe make a pantheon on all my gods and goddess)
  5. you can get wings instead of ancient genes in ice blocks now. its not a glitch. ^.^
  6. C0ffeebeans

    not art

    i got mine from Boston ^.^
  7. 1: yeah the villain. just because the space movie villain's weapons are epic. 2: um i forgot if i saw any disney movies. probably Wreck it ralph ( that's a disney movie, right?) (3)4: immortal. just to flex on everyone i know when they die. and i can just steal things if i can't get enough money. no one would care though because i would be seen as a god for being immortal and would be blind to see that i am in fact: stealing. 5: save the ecosystem, just because i like animals more than humans. 6: yep. i don't care about the extent. they would be the weaker one anyway. 7: no, i can't count ( like what comes after 2??)
  8. take Cappuccino! edit: forgot her genes ( i'm guessing you'll need them)
  9. i don't think you've drawn Duki yet if not can you draw him please?
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