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  1. could i take the red/orange and purple noc if you still have him?
  2. just to let yall know, i made a seprate account for storing dragons i dont wanna get rid of just yet (and for storing babiis in a up-coming hatchery), so if an account named willowsong1 sends you a crossroads trade instead of my main account its only me. (hopefully)
  3. new babus take them please.
  4. New babies! im giving them all away, i dont really want any on em
  5. maybe midnight/nightshade for the female and indigo/leopard (because of his spots) for the male (also happy birthday!)
  6. oo, can i buy the imp with blue opal off you? (i think thats the gene he has.. im bad at genes)
  7. last call before i put thes dergs on exalt row
  8. new babus! im keeping the purple pearlcatcher, the rest are up for grabs if they arent taken they'll be exalted also, theyre all male, if that changes anything
  9. Just because yokai watch is a creature collector fighting game thing it dosent mean its a Pokémon ripoff, there are many different features in both franchises. Yes i realise this was probably a joke but things like these just annoy me
  10. aa i just got a nocturne egg! and the babu is really cute ;v; ugh whenever i get good stuff im always on my laptop that can't screenshot things ;v;
  11. theres alot of dragons for sale in the auction house, theres a lot of good dragons for a cheap price if you look long enough.
  12. its not that big, really, but i quess its big if you don't have a giant name list in your laptop, anyways i probably have nore names in my list hidden away somewhere if you need more names for the dergs.
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