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  1. C0ffeebeans


    As much as i'd like to come i can't, i have plans to kill Purrdolf with Adam, but Raccie (and probably mango) is coming with berries. - Duki
  2. C0ffeebeans

    Nicheling war

    OK- Duki
  3. C0ffeebeans

    story time

    And smashing his bulb
  4. C0ffeebeans

    Nicheling war

    When do we bomb them?- Duki
  5. C0ffeebeans

    Nicheling war

    Wanna join?- Duki
  6. C0ffeebeans

    i let you mess with a save file with console

    yep! you can modify anyway you wish. and no, this isn't a contest. its just for fun. ( i don't know what the prize would be if it was a contest anyways.)
  7. so i was messing with console commands earlier and i thought to my self : oh hey why don't i share a save file and so people mess with the starters o-o. so i made a save file so people can do that! ( console is very buggy so back up your saves if you want to participate!). also please post the starters here when your done. i think it would be fun so see what you come up with. ^.^ save file: Slot0.nichesave ( if the save is a tribe called TESTING please tell me )
  8. C0ffeebeans

    Type the username above you with your eyes closed

    skydpodk0 oh wow
  9. C0ffeebeans

    Type the username above you with your eyes closed

    heyitsgotgir rip
  10. Don't worry iv'e sent help-Duki
  11. oops. * sends food and medicine*-Duki
  12. So my tribe just moved to an oasis. any tips on how to sruvive there?( i didn't know it would be that island when i moved rip )
  13. * Spots Ossens land in a helicopter * HI,WOULD PURRDOLF HAPPEN TO BE HERE?-DUKI