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  1. so since this is getting slightly more attention then i tought it would: is anyone else having issues with the textures? like on my avatars theres like decals all over it. even though i don't use decals and the decals don't even stay in the same place ( aka they move around when ever my avatar moves). and its not just with the avatars, its with clothes and sanctuary items too ( im never gonna get used to saying sanctuary instead of dens ;-;) i'd show ya'll a screenshot, but my computer can't take screenshots so.
  2. elloo so i got accepted into the last wave like a week ago, its pretty laggy tbh. the open beta started yesterday, so maybe join?? ik some of you were interested in the game. my user on fer.al is c0ffeebeanss, just incase some of ya'll wanna friend me (also, if/when ya'll are on the game, is the textures all messed up? whenever i play it the textures don't stay in the same place, idk how to explain it)
  3. also managed to clone myself not once, but twice while getting that screenshot.
  4. its in the underground lab (not in the maze part) on a crate where the canvas and paint is.
  5. i know where it is if youstill can't find it-
  6. @The Hollow Knight here is Sikore and Skunk!
  7. @ShadowAndPup3 here is Yugo!
  8. @Flower here is Flower!
  9. oh my gosh their all so cute!
  10. : P aight so im bored and i feel like drawing but i dunno what, so just send me nichelings and ill draw them :D first come first served btw
  11. if these are still open, can you draw duki? personality: choatic but kind bean
  12. ew i need to redo this- much better.
  13. ive heard of it! i stopped playing aj like half a year ago and honsestly its about time they made a game for aj's 13+ players tbh. but the -13 year olds that dont understand why they can't play the game untill their 13 are going to play it and probably ruin for everyone.. but then again theres a lake made of blood and the almighty rat wall : D
  14. i know theres a few cases of coronavirus in here in ireland. but as far as im aware the cases are only in northern ireland, so i guess it hasnt reached my country yet.
  15. these guys are for sale if anyone wants them ill give them away here fore free im having trouble getting rid of them xd
  16. I can take any random dragon and some random apparel. (if theres any left at this point) could i also take the jakalope looking familiar next to the lynx thing? my user is C0ffeebeans
  17. kingdom's storyteller (aka that random person in books and movies that tell stories) for people who were on he forums for a year or more? i dunno if its an actual role in kingdoms. but consider it please :,D
  18. c0ffeebeans

    rainbow fur!

    maybe its because of the fact that it mentions diffrent colours for wings, wich is more realistic then blue, red etc on fur? zixvir never said anything about wings in their suggestion so i guess people just assumed that it was for fur?
  19. anyways, i think im done making the hatchery, heres a link to if if anyones interested. (also tell me if im missing anything, please!) https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/baz/2811496
  20. ugh im trying to make a hatchery but the images URL keep breaking - _ - anyone know how to prevent that? i had to edit a post three times and the pictures url still breaks after an hour or so
  21. could i take the red/orange and purple noc if you still have him?
  22. just to let yall know, i made a seprate account for storing dragons i dont wanna get rid of just yet (and for storing babiis in a up-coming hatchery), so if an account named willowsong1 sends you a crossroads trade instead of my main account its only me. (hopefully)
  23. new babus take them please.
  24. New babies! im giving them all away, i dont really want any on em
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