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  1. just did ref sheets for som two of my ocs! (slight gore warning!) (also exuse my bad handwriting!)
  2. @Meron’nikeringu do you have a spare slot in your lair for the poison babi yet? just wondering
  3. yeah, i might just use the morphs from forest territory, theyr'e easier to customise, i think
  4. ok so i know i said those morphs that i mentioned are ugl and horrible but ima use them as a place holder until i learn how to use blender
  5. and then everyone else(my friends i play with) is just like: get off the rocc you illiterate mess
  6. wait what if i just make the camp look bad so noone would want to go to it?
  7. omg what if i just don't add TC to my horrible new game?! problem solved, the overrated clan shall be no more.
  8. everyone: OmG We WaNt SkYcLaN!!1! developer: *adds skyclan* everyone: * still goes to TC*
  9. i know them too! (obviously) her game is okay but she cannot take criticism like she threatend to take down the group wall on her group because noone liked her "better" morphs i mean like its not our fault that she can't make good morphs
  10. ok so i wa slooking at one of my friends games on roblox and i saw those horrible and free warrior cat morphs and then i thought to myself " yo what if i made a warrior cat game? maybe i could destroy the horrible wrath of lostykiins" and here i am in roblox studio get ready to get updates on my-soon-to-be-horrible-new-game ( does anyone know how to use blender? ;w;. maybe philo does)
  11. Sp00pybeans

    rainbow fur!

    acctually, it is in the game! you its apart of the colours for the toxic body! ^.^
  12. omg i just realised something so, you know they way disney exists? and you know the way HTF exists? well theres was this mini show thing i saw on youtube called BLOODY BUNNY ( yes, in caps) and its basically the two things combined and its about a girl that is trying to escape a factory thing and dies and gets turned into bunny plushie that goes around killing assasins that are based off disney/sanrio/MLP characters with her deformed sister that can turn into a demon its epic. but really gory
  13. also sice you are disney you need to be 92.96 milion miles away from me.
  14. ey is anyone else going to be playing Feral when it comes out? cause i am and i don't want to be the only 13 year old on a 14+ game
  15. i don't know what your'e exited about but if it's about the HTF thing then you probably don't know what it is (its happy tree friends)
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