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  1. ill join, ill also be an es if needed. Anyways heres duki, i forgot his personality, all I remember is that he was a god of war or somethin so go wild ig
  2. Yes yes i agree you should be mod
  3. Gono

    Hi (Homethread)

    Nvm I hate raspberry I keep getting her and herb in the gatcha istg herb is ok since I actually use him and he's a good healer but istg I hate raspberry so much she isn't even nice like leave me alone I want hollyberry
  4. Omg I want to cry rn Philo thank u so much for creating niche I probably wouldn't even be on Internet or have the friends I have now if I never played it. I can't wait to see the future of niche and the wandering village. I'll definitely be getting that Adam plushies when it comes out!! (does this mean no defender bear..?!)
  5. Gono

    Hi (Homethread)

    Omg I'm playing cookie run kingdom for the first time today and the first cookie I get from the gatcha is raspberry!!!! I'm pretty sure she's rlly rare
  6. Gono

    Nicheling war

    same : P (even though i wasnt really that active in it during the end) id love to do something like it again but sadly i dont have enough time to anymore now that school as started again..
  7. Gono

    Nicheling war

    omg how has it been two years already i remember this like it was yesterday
  8. Gono

    Hi (Homethread)

    hi guys im back
  9. heheheh new modern
  10. i got g2 and g4 imps yesterday, they cant breed together since theyre releated BUT if anyone wants a low generation imp after my nests are hatched (for a fee of 10g each ofc) hmu (just a heads up the g2 is wearing a skin) the g4 the g2
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