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  1. my user is C0ffeebeans wich babu would you like?
  2. hmm. do you still have the yellow fae by any chance? cuz my lair is looking a boit purple and i kinda need a yellow dragon for lore reasons ill give you wichever babu you want in return
  3. new babus! am giving them both away! ( faes a dude and spirals a girl )
  4. new babies! you can have one if you want (just not the middle one)
  5. oki the babies have been put up for sale -w-
  6. horse food but in FR its basically dragons made for exalting
  7. OMG FOUR EGGS- im definitley gonna need more space-
  8. new baobies! im giving away all of them if no one takes them ill use them to make exalt fodder (they are all lads, btw)
  9. doods i just got a popcorn cart ite bloody massive jesus christ and theres literally popcorn everywhere and my dog is eating the popcorn so he will probably get sick help theres popcorn everywhere-
  10. actullay no ima put her in the hibernational den i kinda like her
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