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  1. https://www.deviantart.com/scuterr/art/Pride-Month-Free-to-Use-Furry-Base-748757808
  2. I was just chilling and listening to Montezuma’s soundtrack, then find this: Oh no guys, Montezuma is not 👍. What will we do?
  3. https://www.wattpad.com/563243808-wings-of-fire-ideas-writing-prompts https://www.wattpad.com/548635729-wings-of-fire-ideas-plot-setting-and-character
  4. Definitely not addicted to Scotland, Russia and Australia’s Civ 6 themes
  5. 1778. The US was about 2 years old now
  6. Countries. As humans. Personally, I think Polandballs are better because they have less NSFW.
  7. https://wingsoffire.fandom.com/wiki/Wings_of_Fire_Wiki
  8. Just note that there’s a lot of NSFW stuff. A lot. So much that if you look up “countryhumans” on DeviantArt, all you get is Mature Content.
  9. Tribe: NightWing Name: Sunclaw Gender: NonbinaryColor: Blood red with darker top scales. Lighter underbelly and wings. Few, faded stars on wings.Eye Color: Orange-redAge/Birthdate: 5 (5007 AS)Personality: Maticulous, Obedient, PossessiveSpecial Abilities: Teardrop scale Special Body Parts/Oddities: MuteAccessories: brown leather bag
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