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  1. Hi Silver! Haven’t seen you in, what, 50 years? You good? Have any kids yet? Maybe a car or a house?
  2. gotta tag the original creator, @CatLoaf I think
  3. Kind of taken from that “Fakemingo” thing Fluffy has been born as a little egg! Cute, isn’t he? His adopted mother is Phoenix the pheonix. Fluffy hatched! Phoenix seems to love him more and more every day. Fluffy is taken on a nice little ride around the skylands! Fun! Fluffy returns, safe and sound. And also turns into one of those things that burst through your chest from Alien. Fluffy can’t seem to open his eyes. : ( Fluffy wakes up one morning, only to find that the nest is destroyed and Phoenix is gone. : ( bonus chat Fluffy meets a griffin named Asriel. He knows only a pure-hearted Griffin can guess her element, but he’s pretty sure she’s shadow. Or emo. Or punk. Fluffy finds a parrot called Snowball in the jungle exhibit. Snowball being shy, doesn’t respond, which makes Fluffy a little sad. Fluffy finds a new friend! Swan the swan! He looks like he wants to, or is, eating her. What’s in store for Fluffy, as he finds his way to a new server? What will happen, and what new friends will he meet along the way? Find out in the next episode of The Saga of Fluffy!
  4. me flordaball me no mleooolon

     ansjskkwlala Floridaball i ps

    1. Flower


      That’s radical 

  5. o no mlom took account it’s me, Melon m you too Sh poesy bad art :((((((((
  6. hi me no melon look at best art so better than mlon art
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