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  1. Also, please don't let my boy Poseidon die. That's the only time I've used Console Commandsin this, just to not let him die.
  2. I renamed all my Nichelings from Raa to their proper god counterparts Slot0.nichesave
  3. Less than a foot tall? I thought they were at least 4 feet.
  4. Just accidentally hit my poor dog in the nose with a bowl
  5. Just my luck my Banescale has Pink tertiary, nothing looks good on her
  6. I want pretty Banescales, but I have no money
  7. That helps a lot, in terms of travel. But that doesn’t help my food issue. To break it down: I have 5 Nichelings, 10 pieces of food. Okay. There are very little berries, and the only crackerjaw Nicheling is close to dying. My only strong creatures to hunt are about to die.
  8. I’m stuck on Grass Adventure (?). Basically, I’m in a swamp biome, with rain, 5 Nichelings, 10 pieces of food.
  9. If it isn’t, I could give you Tyrquoise
  10. They’re all so pretty but I have no lair space
  11. I did, still don’t like it, but Laced was off the market.
  12. I just spent all my money on gening this thing. Do I regret it? Yes.
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