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  1. Let me just @Magicmoonss because don’t you like sims?
  2. apparently I have to write something here?
  3. Purple peacocks, he’s got fifty-three Fabulous Harry, I love the feathers
  4. He’s got ninety-five Persian monkeys He’s got the monkeys! Let’s see the monkeys!
  5. I kind of want to watch it now... ... ... nah I’m better off with Prince Ali ... Wait ”Son of Yzma” WHEN DID SHE HAVE A HUSBAND I NEED EYEBLEADH LET’S GOOO STALKER
  6. This is true But here’s a notification and an extremely confused Genie also, “history of the entire world, i guess” is stalking me
  7. I have amazing luck. 2 Epics in a row? Plus someone I know!
  8. 8-bit Maui! Yay! He’s also epic and changes into a hawk, an iguana, a bug, etc sometimes! There’s also now 8-bit You’re Welcome!
  9. God the fantheories for movies.. “Moana the God” (What happened to Sina and Chief Tui?), “Tamatoa was Genie’s Master” (...I have no words), “These Movies Are All Connected!” (Showing Scar, Hercules, Yzma, Ursula and somebody else)...
  10. TechniLly you quoted me 2 times, you could have quoted yourself
  11. Also, my frigatebird has a story of how it ended up in Lalotai. (Moana map seems to be Lalotai) It’s a magical frigatebird, it can hold its breath. It has the personality of Tamatoa, which can be described in one word and three exclamation marks: SHINY!!! So its coin fell down into Lalotai. It held its breath to get it and fell into Lalotai too. Now it has to avoid Kakamora, sloth monsters, geysers, holes, and friendly attack iguanas while trying to get back its shiny thing. Everytime it collects 100 shiny things (coins) it gets a new friend.
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