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  1. i mean ive just looked it up and apparently one of the authors confirmed he died from his wounds?? adn the warriors wiki also says he died of wounds so (/lh)
  2. EEK pce coloring contest pitaya springsnail and ananas springsnail.... theyre mostlt here bc i need them trasnparent
  3. si this from a drew gooden video i feel like i recognize tjis 😭 or at least i can read it in his voice
  4. i emant this is hionestly so me
  5. pepper your last spotify wrapped was more based than your current one
  6. pepper whats the updated verison of you quotebok
  7. wait a second didnt he die of wounds??? i vaguely remember the tree was. on the ground it had nowhere to fall 😭 so he didnt even walk into a tree it was his wounds that did him in (i havent read the books in like 5 years)
  8. hiiii :3 you should totally post bearded dragon pics (threat) /lh
  9. i mean didnt the tree fall on him 😭 i dont think he really had a choice /lh
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