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  1. do they sound like theyre saying ding ding dong this is really important ft TAKI TAKO ART SNEAK PEEK no way
  2. i reloaded the save eventually and zhongli got crushed by a cave-in then i reloaded the save again and we got raided by 14 manhunting hypsilophodons, the first time everybody got downed but the second time only aether and venti got downed and we managed to kill them
  3. and nearly all of them did! aether got beaten to death by raiders zhongli and lumine bled out and nahida got mauled by a cougar before i could get miko and venti to save her
  4. taki tako 18 hours later please please please dont ask why im running a genshin impact colony in rimworld (i wanted to see how fast they could die)
  5. lol said the scorpion lmao
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