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  1. i dont remember this so i cant fact check this i bet i jhust made it up
  2. read as pleasure her and i got SO concerned for a second
  3. you dont have a little sister and youve never heard of the game wtf are you on about
  4. the first abby tako nft on the forums i think
  5. ancient alione s itsall tur eim an exper t just like youa nd like you im a genius vefore my time disbelieving that the real crime pretty soon theyll discover me in the suiper sargasso sea
  6. I LOVE WOMEN I LOVE WOMEN I LOVE WOMEN I LOVE WOMEN I LOVE WOMEN ok time to save for scara now im sad i cant get haitham because ive gotta save for scara but itll all be worth it when i get him hes so babygirl
  7. do they sound like theyre saying ding ding dong this is really important ft TAKI TAKO ART SNEAK PEEK no way
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