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  1. Awesome thank you so much 🙂how do we actually go about testing the game?
  2. So I really wanna apply to try the mobile version, I remember when niche used to be a tester game online and how obsessed I was with the idea of this game. I've been along the whole ride to see what niche has turned into, and I absolutely adore the game 🙂 I've been super hyped for the mobile version when I heard about it, so testing it would be really cool! I know you have to have a few posts on the forum, but I don't know my old login for it but I have posted in their a few times, I rejoined with my steam account My old account name was Casper712 it says I joined in 2017 , that's crazy this was made that long ago haha
  3. some names for you guys to put in your niche folder if you'd like: [MaleNames] Lark Indigo Cricket Blue River Bandit Scout kota Leaf West Shadow Rocky Echo Astro Dusk Sol Bear Ash Brier Cedar Clay Copper Jasper North Mercury Oriel Onyx Quest Quill Reed River Sage Silver Storm Talon Thorn Thistle Wolfe Fig Jupiter Phoenix Finn Foxtail Midnight Sprout Pine Comet Bramble Flint [FemaleNames] Breeze Nova Coral Garnet Stormy Ebony Raven Thimble Amber Dove Tulip Holly Willow Rose Clover Daisy Opal Pearl Luna Jade Aspen Sage Meadow Spring Ivy Indigo Poppy Sapphire Scarlet Summer Lily Misty Flora Venus Vixen Crystal Dawn Aqua Blossom Violet Ember Autumn Aster Mango Niraj
  4. so, I can get to here: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Team Niche\Niche - a genetics survival game when i am in the folder: Niche - a genetics survival game i do not see either folders named: ActionPointColors.ini or AnimalNames.ini my game has uppdated, and i did the option of showing hidden files/folders, so am I missing something?
  5. aren't we supposed to get a new update in january? I feel like the devs have been focused on their other game mainly :/ which sucks I've been waiting since last year when i heard about the bat ears.. Nimbatus has seemed to get regular updates, but not niche which is really sad bc I adore this game.
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