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  1. I remember the day I was born. I awoke to the crashing sound of thunder, flailing about until my legs were numb. My two legs, may I add. Being born without front legs made some things more difficult, but I could still hop around. My mother always called me “Her Little Bunny-Rabbit”, which I hated. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel comforted every time she called me that. I pressed against my mother, a gorgeous sleek furred nicheling. Her black fur reminded of the midnight sky or the occasional black bunny that would skip by. She had a nimble paw, which she used for picking berries. She was missing her left front leg, just like me. I always assumed my father was missing both legs or his right one. I was never able to meet my father though, but my mother assured me he was a great nicheling. She told me stories of his bravery and humbleness, which made me want to grow up so I could be just like him. I remember the first few friends I made. A nicheling with deep ebony fur, like my mom. He had a slick orange mane and fluffy amber cheeks. I always called him Cinnabar, but I think his real name was Nutaduk. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him. I miss him. Besides that, I had other friends too. I hung out with the adults a lot since I didn’t fit in well with the other children. I met a female nicheling who didn’t fit in well, just like me. Her name was Rera but I knew her better as Rey. We were inseparable. She was a cracker jaw, with soft peachy fur. Her leafy green gaze melted my heart every time we locked eyes. I knew she didn’t share the feelings I had for her, but it was great having a best friend. But once she met Kutaa, everything changed. She never hung out with me anymore, and all I had left was Cinnabar. Cinnabar became my closest friend. Years passed, Rey and Kutaa had two gorgeous daughters. Cinnabar moved on and found a mate, specifically my sister. My sister looked so much more like my mom. I became the outcast once more, but I didn’t mind. I spent most of my time sitting on a tree stump, guiding the way for my tribemates as they moved on from the island they called home. I met another female, but I was too afraid of heartbreak to tell her I loved her. Her name was Isra, and she was the most amazing nicheling I had ever met. Her dark grey fur shone in the moonlight, and her deep green eyes brought back sweet memories from when I was young. Once we had our first son, I swore to myself I would protect him with my life. We named him Kirkir. I loved him more than anything in the world. Of course, he was with his mother most of the time. I had to guide the way for my fellow tribemates, so I didn’t get to see him very often. The last time I saw him came with the deep growl of a carnivore. I heard it coming from a mile away. Kirkir was quietly curled up in his nest, wherever Isra was I couldn’t tell you. The carnivore loomed over my son, its shadow blocking out all the sunlight he was bathing in. Once he noticed the sudden chill down his spine, he shot up. I started racing towards him as quickly as I could, stumbling over myself. The carnivore roared, stepping towards him and snapping at him. He floundered backwards, his eyes wide and filled with horror and… heartbreak? I could recognize that gaze anywhere, his eyes were clouded and glazed with tears. Why would he feel heartbroken at this moment? I kept my gaze locked on him as he backed away, soon being cornered by a rushing river behind him. The carnivore was basically on top of him at this point. It opened its mouth, about to swallow Kirkir whole. I sprinted forward, using all my strength to shove the carnivore away from my son. The impact made Kirkir flinch, and he stumbled backwards. Time seemed to slow down, torturing me by making me watch my son drown in slow motion. He fell back into the river, the current too strong for him to fight. I stared at him as he sunk away into the abyss. At least his death wasn’t as painful to him as it was to me. The next few years were lonely ones. Too overwhelmed with heartbreak and dread, Isra ran away from the tribe. Scars now donned my face and back from dreadful carnivore fights. At this point, I knew if I went to Heaven it would be out of pity for me. I stayed in my normal spot, sleeping on the stump I seemed to be fastened to. I watched my tribe grow more and more, letting the days pass slowly. My mother passed sooner or later, Cinnabar died saving my sister from a carnivore, Rey had three more children. I felt like my time was coming to an end. Then I heard it. The growl. I forced myself through the brush, my eyes watering from the grass whipping my face. Finally emerging into a clearing, I saw it. The carnivore locked eyes with me, and paused. A newborn nichekit wailed below it, its cries of pain making me wince. Everything stopped for a moment. The nichekit’s sobs were silenced, the carnivore’s growls muted, and all I could hear was a soft whisper in my ear. Save it, the voice murmured. So that’s exactly what I did. The carnivore roared and bounded toward me, drool leaking from its gaping jaws. I scurried to the side and sprung toward it, kicking it roughly in the gut. It grunted and slid across the ground, dust flying in my eyes. I glanced at the nichekit. It’s eyes were watering up, and I scowled at it to run. Jumping up, it scampered into the tall grass. I whipped my head toward the carnivore, but it was too late. It tackled me, and its teeth sunk into my throat. A choked shriek escaped my mouth before blood began to pour from it. Then someone called my name. I could breathe again. The carnivore was laid limp on the dirt, blood seeping from its throat. I saw a dusty brown nicheling standing above me. He had a pale amber mane like me, and no paws, and- “Dad?” I whispered, my eyes welling up. Stumbling onto my feet, I stared into the deep black eyes of my father. “W-Where have you been all these years?...” He gazed at me, his eyes beginning to glaze over. “Oh, Kunu… Kunu…” His gaze shifted to the ground, shaking his head. “I’m so sorry…” He looked up at me, guilt in his eyes. “I’m so sorry for leaving you… I was such a terrible father…” I shook my head. “No, you’re not. Just.. why? Why did you leave?..” I wailed gently, quivering. He paused for a moment, breathing in. “I was scared, Kunu. I was scared of being a father, I didn’t feel ready. And now I regret it. I’m so sorry, Kunu,” He admitted, tears dripping from his glossy dark eyes. I looked at him for a moment before resting my head on his shoulder. “I forgive you, dad…” He leaned on me as well, sniffling quietly. “Mom told me stories about you… About how you saved so many nichekits from that carnivore attack, and when you broke your leg saving a nichekit from the bluebird.. I’ve always wanted to be like you…” I mumbled. “Kunu, you’re everything but me. You’re so much better.” Father moved in to the tribe. They happily accepted him back as a member. Then I moved back to my stump. And there I sat on my stump, every morning, every night, guiding my tribemates to the port. The day finally came, when everyone had finally made it to the port. The elders stayed behind, knowing they would pass soon anyway. The tribe leader approached me one morning, asking if I would join them on their journey. I politely declined, knowing my old age would soon get to me. But he began to beg me, telling me they needed a guide for their journey. After reluctantly agreeing, he led me to the port where everyone awaited me. My father walked toward me, and we said our teary-eyed goodbyes. Afterwards, it was time to leave. The elders waved us farewell and then we were on our way. I led my tribe to the peaceful meadows and valleys of Dubius. Dubius is one of the most calming islands of our archipelago. Watching my tribe grow bigger and stronger filled me with the most joy I’ve felt in years. Nichekits wanted to know my story, as did many grown nichelings. I took a young nichekit under my wing, teaching her about guidance and travel. I taught her how to fight, but also how to resolve confrontation with pacification. Her name was Reis. Her eyes sparkled like the morning dew, and her fur laid slick like a bluebird’s feather. She reminded me of my mother, in a strange way. As the sun rose and set, day after day, I knew my time would come sooner or later. My tribe guided me to the port and laid me down in the rose-ridden grass. I closed my eyes, and heard my tribe leader whisper his blessings to me. And once I awoke, what I saw astonished me. I saw my mother, and my father, and Isra, and Cinnabar, and- “Kirkir!” I yowled, bounding toward him. He turned his head and beamed, racing and ramming into me. “D-Dad!” He squealed, gazing up at me with tears in his eyes. Isra ran to me, nuzzling me gently. Mother and father padded toward me and smiled. Cinnabar wandered over and chuckled. I finally made it. I was home at last. The pictures at the bottom are the older ones.
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    kola is in heaven with the rest of the gods now :') proud of this tbh
  3. She's using Isana now? Ok now I'm just a little ticked not gonna lie lol If she uses one more of my characters I'm going to tell her to please not use them anymore because like I worked hard developing those characters
  4. Yeah, I don't think I'll bug her unless she makes Lee-Kuku fall in love with her character or something, but other than that I don't mind too much lol Also, yeah I'm glad she's drawing her own pictures lol
  5. They're really cute! Tysm for crediting me lol ❤️
  6. this is a picture i found on the internet thats why the quality's so bad lol think you could draw my bby lee-kuku?
  7. Get well soon Midna!! Lee-Kuku sends you love lol ❤️ I hope they start working and you feel happier soon
  8. also im gonna be more active now since like summer break and that stuff ill have more free time
  9. Yeah I think I might tell her... "hey could you not use my character in your comics without my permission" lol
  10. i've been wanting to do this for a while now so uwu
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