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  1. A good way to do this is to select the creature you wanna "Neuter" and press F1, then, you type "setgene infertile" or something like that.
  2. Well now there are so this boyo got their wish!
  3. Not sure how it'd work, but maybe make it so in "gene" settings you can toggle it? When it's toggled, females have shorter, weaker horns and males have the normal horns!
  4. This pattern would be good for fox lovers, and the black parts could be colored with the pattern colors, but the white would be white no matter what (unless one of you finds a way it could be colored) the effects would be : +2 stealth, +2 camouflage BELOW: Badly drawn image of the pattern :'> (Someone please draw it better)
  5. ye, I was doing a rp thing and their names were their 'species'
  6. You may not have seen it, but I did vote for deaf ears awhile ago, but I don't mind you using the idea! Below: Picture of a deaf nicheling
  7. I just noticed this has 40 votes 🦊 Thanks!
  8. Yes! evolution at its finest will happen here!
  9. How many polls will you do? Will you time yourself to do them all in 1 minute? Have fun!
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