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  1. love how i only did 2 and then gave up
  2. i do not remember making this wow
  3. i used to live in such a dark and secluded world
  4. i literally never post in here anymore guys what’s up how are we should i talk about my life more in here this is supposed to be a home thread after all umm i’m taking my driving license test today i’m really nervous this is the second time i’m taking it cos i failed the first time but i have hope i won’t fail this time cos i think i know what i’m doing more this time around but even if i do fail i’ll just take it again like it’s not that big of a deal but i’m still freaking out so i’ll let you all know how that works out if i remember to 😁 aand i’m doing the musical for my school again it’s gonna be the last show i do cos i’m not gonna be in this school next year and i’m honestly really sad about it but life moves on i guess umm idk yeah that’s kinda all that’s going on with me right now thank you for coming to your pepper life recap hope you enjoyed
  5. this is still so funny btw i was iconic for this
  6. i think about this every once in a while
  7. forgot about this place and also i just have not had much motivation to draw in general but i did make some stuff 😁 bday present for tundra bday present for coco orion content um and this is a thing i drew for an art magazine in my school
  9. 5 years is far too long i think
  10. ugh i missed it by a few days happy 5 year anniversary to me on here
  11. omgg your artstyle is so cute!!! could you draw scorp for me?
  12. ive been watching a lot of adventure time some may say its TOO much
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