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  1. Raana, please! She just has big body and a medium tail. Thank you!
  2. Can I have a drawing of Raana on paint, please? Thank you!
  3. Here is Aspen! I like the pose I put her in, although I'm not quite sure why I chose it. Anywho, I hope you enjoy. On to @panda wanderer next!
  4. Here is Vanta! He looks kinda worried in the pose I put him in... anyways. I hope you like him! On to @FlowerMask next!
  5. Piskel or drawing, @Roleplay section?
  6. Ahem, so while I wait for Morso and The elf cat & pup dino to get back to me, does anyone else wanna submit? I'm bored, can you tell?😅
  7. Your art isn't bad! I actually think it's quite good. Practice makes perfect! So, for practice, can you please do a digital Raana? Thank you!
  8. I'm pretty sure it's medium. That's what they told me when I was drawing him, at least!
  9. @Morso, just something or do you prefer a piskel or drawing of him?
  10. I have finished Jackaranda! Also, he is possibly one of the cutest nichelings I've ever seen. I'm ready for more requests! Also, I have 99 posts???!! Whaaaaaat?
  11. Here's Dalli! This one was pretty fun to make, I hope you like it!. Ima tag @The elf pup & cat dino oooooone more time... Anyways, you guys can submit mooore, I really like drawing/pixel arting for everyone☺️.
  12. I have finished these two! I hope you like it! Also, @The elf pup & cat dino, I still need to know if you want a drawing or piskel before I can do yours. If you don't reply soon, I'll just move on to Renio's request.
  13. Alrightie, Forsythia is done! Again, I'm not the best at piskels, but I hope you still like it. On to @Roleplay section!
  14. You're already drowning in requests, so I'll just submit three... Thanks...
  15. Okay, here is Comet! This is actually the second albino nicheling I've drawn, but only the first with actual open eyes. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! @FlowerMask is next!
  16. @FlowerMask, @Roleplay section, and @The elf pup & cat dino, can you please say whether you want a drawing or piskel? Thank you muchly!
  17. Okay, so I recently counted my "nicheling art from others" compared to my "nicheling art for others" and it's a little...off. Sooo, I wanna draw some more for you guys again. If you've already submitted a nicheling, submit another one (I know I have lots of art from just certain people... I'm looking at you, @FlowerMask and @Spring Flower...)! And if you've never submitted a nicheling, of course, submit one. I just ask that you guys don't rapid fire screenshots to me in one post, wait for the art of your first request to be done, then you may submit another. Got it? Aaaand, I'm still doing the drawings and piskels, so specify on that. That's all! So yeah, please give dem nichelings to me to draw/pixelafy!
  18. If it's not too much, can you please do Void and Fish (I don't have any screenshots of them next to each other, so I'll just put separate ones). Thank you very much, you're your art is really nice! (Did I seriously use the wrong your? Really?!)
  19. Scorp, por favor. Gracias.
  20. Okay, so nobody asked for this, but I really REALLY don't like the Dragon Tear picture I made on my requests topic. Here it is, in all it's weirdness- The legs are at different lengths, the shading is awful, it's just BAD. Sooo, I did a remake. I'll tag @Basil, if they want to see it... Ahhh, THAT'S better. I can now relax...
  21. Oh, FlowerMask did a group photo. It's on the front page of the fanart forum! It's closed now, just so you know.
  22. pepper_


    I made some art for her, I hope you don't mind. Here it is-
  23. You've already drawn Raana... Can you please do Scorp? Thanks.
  24. You probably know who... Thanks!
  25. Here's more art! I kinda "stole" this idea from Skysplash, or randomcat, whatever they're going by. This is when they said they planned to draw Meringue in Hogwarts robes, so I had the idea to make this. It's Raana in a Hufflepuff scarf and stuff (#hufflepuffpride #cedric4life #blacknyellow). I really like it!
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