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  1. why did oyu make it like this
  2. THANK YOY GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. and youre a loser + ratio + L + youre cringe
  4. this one is way better right guys right
  5. you need to show the other one you need to show the competition
  6. super cute design!! i had fun shading this one which doesn’t happen very often lmao
  7. haha la la la wheeeeee (character belongs to georgie!) (lyrics from the sea is a good place to think of the future by los campesinos) (it is a sad song it’s a good song but it’s very sad so if you DONT like very sad maybe don’t listen to it)
  8. ive barely drawn anything but ref sheets for like a week and im going insane please give me more of your nichelings!!!!!!
  9. drew some stuff for some epic people!!! greens character for their prize fir the art contest and this is my irl friends warriors oc
  10. poll is CLOSED it is OVER GUYS and the winner issssssss @Artificer -Green- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you all so so much for voting and thank you for those who submitted art!!! i didnt think that many people would join so im glad so many people were interested!! and i hope you guys all had the best time ever (gee you can leave a comment with the character you want me to draw or dm me it whatever you want!!!!!! and congratulations nestie your art is so pretty)
  11. WHOA totally did not procrastinate posting this!!!! WELCOME TO THE FINAL ROUND WOOHOOO last round pale was eliminated leaving just green and ozzy left!!!! quick rules/things idk: - if you vote for your own art your vote will not be counted! - you can vote on this even if you werent in the contest - once again try to refrain from guilting people into voting for you - i will post a new round each day at roughly this time! person with the least amount of votes at the end of the round gets eliminated until there is just one person remaining who will be the winner wooo omg and now the art!!!!!!! @Artificer -Green- @crusting stinkly
  12. WOO only took me like 10 minutes okayy also i turned off the layer modes while i drew him in and idk if i like this version with only a couple of the layer modes on better than the actual version so uh you decide vote in the comments down below
  13. wait everyone hold on ill be back in like 15 minutes hang on hang on
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