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  1. art fight season is nearly upon us i am a ref making machine i am going insane i am having a great time im so tired
  2. it really was its your magnum opus
  3. omg i posted mine beforei saw this we arel ike the same person
  4. pepper_

    Ari art

    YOUR ART IS SO PRETTY i love the way you do the anatomy and your character designs theyre so cool!!!!
  5. “i’m becoming a warrior cat right now and you guys are just over there taking selfies.”
  6. omg youre welcome!!!!!
  7. she was a lot of fun to draw i love her pattern!!
  9. i did not abandon these 😇
  10. one more phoneboy redraw this is the last music video from the album so far!!
  11. it has not been a week since i posted this!!!!!!!!
  12. CLOSING NIGHT WAS LAST NIGHT SORRY ABOUT THAT I AM BACK 💪 in the last round yourlocalstranger's sister was eliminated, leaving only 3 people left! quick rules/things idk: - if you vote for your own art your vote will not be counted! - you can vote on this even if you werent in the contest - once again try to refrain from guilting people into voting for you - i will post a new round each day at roughly this time! person with the least amount of votes at the end of the round gets eliminated until there is just one person remaining who will be the winner wooo omg and now the art!!!!!!! @Artificer -Green- @pale @Mr. Telephone Man
  13. you can do my youtube channel if you wantt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLtz_oaqindGx0_Vh6MOmA
  14. hi i don’t think i posted this wip here! so here it is cmwyl propaganda maybe i’ll finish it someday
  15. nooo i never finished it and i probably never will unfortunately 😭 and the song is freaks by surf curse!!! still one of my favorite songs tbh
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