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  1. im taking a break forever guys bye. (/j)
  2. thank goodness artfight is soon i’m literally clawing at the walls trying to think of things to draw grey cat belongs to my friend! new character for a minecraft rp polly made and more ricky jamaraz stuff
  3. "we ALL KNOW youre the sticky monster!!!!!" tiny bit of context pollys mother said this while everyone was on vc and we still dont know why
  4. blehhhhh the brown cat doesn’t belong to me lil blood more kaz moon stuff
  5. rating my old art because i dont wanna do this assignment for school 2/10 listen i know you're bad at drawing backgrounds but what is that girl. literally this drawing is only good cos the carnivorous plant looks halfway decent the anatomy on kokonut is very funky and not in the good way. fun fact tho i emailed this to seri and she said she liked it and put it in one of her livestreams so THATS pretty neat 4/10 the colors are funky and the anatomy is meant to be weird so you did well on that 5/10 among us 5/10 smoking 6/10 i mean it's bad but i kinda like the colors idk it could be worse. the flowers are cute even though im not sure if you've ever seen a flower before because theyre just blobs but its the thought that counts 4/10 fun fact i specifically remember waking up in the middle of the night and thinking of this idea and then immediately passing out again. and somehow when i woke up i was still like "yeah this is a good idea let's do it." fun fact part 2 tako told me she was very upset when she saw i didn't add melon in this 3/10 this is just bad the pink with the yellow looks so gross 2/10 what 8/10 i honestly still really like this one i just wish the text was centered 3/10 dude that background what is going on also you literally gave him the wrong paw 4/10 her eyebrows look like caterpillars 5/10 tell me you didn't know how to use alpha lock without telling me you didn't know how to use alpha lock 6/10 the background looks like a screensaver but idk the anatomy isn't the absolute worst thing ever k thanks for liking and subscribing
  6. “bucketload” one time i was texting my irl friends in a group chat and i forgor how this started but for some reason we all just started calling eachother “champ” “bud” “buddy” yk typical dad talking to his son type names. and then one of my friends tried to type “buckaroo” but then it autocorrected to “bucketload” so now we just call him bucketload sometimes
  7. what was this referring to
  8. me grappling with the inconsistencies of self while reading my 2 year old dream smp livepostings:
  9. looking through old posts is so wild its like. who is she 🤔
  10. well it came from "fire alone will save our clan" so maybe you're thinking of that???
  11. why is some of it formatted like that
  12. oh my gosh do you guys want the updated version polly - “VIEWERS DONT FORGET TO VOTE IN THE POLL ABOUT WHO MURDERED MADELINE B) *EPIC MUSIC PLAYS*” “i used to hate squirrels with a burning passion” “pov you date minecraft steve” “pepper i just called you ‘mother.’” “murder isnt a joke here PEPPER” cookie- “i think we would know if we were in mcc. like, scott would text our moms or something.” “my new years resolution is 480p” “my love language is beating people with a wooden bat 🥺🥺” “the feminine urge to break a window” “(pee) alone will save our clan” tako- *talking about encanto* “we stan the fifty year old rat man” “gamers, i am secretly a serval." “get your wet goop everybody, cmon!!!” “now i’ll (pee) on their dead bodies 😇” *talking about lemon demon slowed reverb songs* “he sounds like a vacuum cleaner.” “thats NOT an nft, thats a commentary on the current state of society.” “PEPPER im coming to your house its gonna be a meetup im gonna bring a gun and im gonna shoot you.” “pov youre being shot” green- “i feel like i have butter in my nose cos im eating popcorn ://” avster- “i hope you never have calcium ever again so i can crunch you like a basketball and dunk you into a pool of acid” “youve lost all your privileges, you are now a fish.” “tide pod challenge nyoom nyoom nyoom” “are humans endangered- wait wHAT-” “why are they a bird now- waitweretheyaLWAYSABIRD-” *crinkling noises* me pepper underscore- “..what is crinkling?” avster- “my mental stability” *starts crying* polly- “pee pee.” me- “pee pee.” *at the same time* polly- “thats you” me- “thats me” *roleplaying as neil cicierega in roblox* pancake- “if you get me out of jail i'll give you an autograph” me- “whooaaaa this is so cooooolll this is so crazy man” pancake- “please just get me out of jail”
  13. ???????? i want to cut open 1 year ago me's brain and examine it in a lab
  14. i miss the days when i actually had an attention span for livestreams
  15. don't really miss the lineart tho textured lineart is so cool ive seen the light
  16. i miss my summer art era bro i hope that happens again this year like i was just drawing and animating alllll day long
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