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  2. "nettle!!!" echo was shaking all over from the fall, she couldn't tell if she had gotten hurt or not "h-hang on i-" echo looked around frantically for something soft that her sibling could land in
  3. TY COOKIE i culdnt have done it without ouu thank you for the banger screenshot
  4. name: cucumber gender: male pronouns: he/him appearance: species: bugcat anything else idk: yeahhhh him he gets some lore now
  5. name - echo gender - female pronouns - she/her apperance/image - dark grey fur, she has little fin things at the back of her paws. i might draw her later πŸ˜‡ group - (1 in lone, 1 in two, 1 in outskirts and 2 in tree.) uhh lone
  6. ashton smiled at anyone he passed by, then made a loop back to his apartment when he got inside, he decided to make himself a sandwich and watch some tv
  7. btw i forgor to metnion this but please put all art entries in a reply to this topic so that i have them all in one place ty πŸ˜‡
  8. guys tako finsihed her art but she cant post it right now so she asked ME to post it here so im posting it here!!!!!! the character is millennial tree cookie from cookie run oven break it is also the slayest drawing ever
  9. omg there's like uhhh 12 people joining this is gonna be the epicest ever
  10. ashton decided to go outside and take a quick walk around the city
  11. he put some blankets and pillows in his bag that's probably all..?? ashton zipped up the bag and put it on his bed
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