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  1. 8 hours ago, Chiyanna said:

    "I agree. Whoever did this must pay." She said, anger and sadness making her voice crack. Continuing more quietly to herself, "That person was right. We should've executed someone yesterday. Even if we got the wrong one, would've given the real killer pause."

    "whoawhoa, i meant more like lets just--try and ask around, we dont need to jump straight to,,,killing people?? lets just see what people know, maybe we can find something"

    where did this deer come from why does she want to kill people is everyone here like this--

  2. so i started doing this thing where i draw random peoples ocs i find on toyhouse and it’s a lot of fun just messaging people and being like look i made you some art!!!!! even tho i don’t know you!!! 10/10 i recommend to anyone who’s an artist like just whenever you’re bored and don’t know what to draw just draw someone’s oc, one person messaged me back already and said that my drawing really made her day and it just 🥺🥺 makes me feel so good. i don’t think we realize enough how much impact we can have on someone just by doing something simple and unexpected, we have the power to just make people feel so epic just by doing something nice for them and i think that’s super cool !!!!!!

    anywyas that’s the end of my essay here’s the actual drawings 






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  3. 1 hour ago, Chiyanna said:

    When she got close enough to be sure, she stood there staring for a few seconds. How did this happen? How could I let this happen, and who would want to kill Astraion? The flower person,  she never did get their name, was an obvious target by whoever was killing off their group...they had taken a leadership role in the group and had managed to smooth over growing tensions. And that made their death not just painful, but dangerous to the group. But why was Astraion a target? She bowed her head and unexpectedly tears starting slipping down her face. The human was right...we should've tried to figure out who the killer was sooner and done something about it. 

    reese took a breath and turned away from everything that was going on 

    “we,,need to find out who did this. like, today. whatever is happening here right now- we need to find out who’s doing it..” before it’s too late,,

  4. 1 hour ago, Pancake said:

    The ‘wall’ was covered corner to corner with art framed in shiny wood.

    “Alrighty! Beautiful art everyone, very well done! Now it’s time for voting! Each team will work together to decide which of these artworks they like the most & the team who made the art with the least votes will be up for elimination, once you have decided come up to me and I will register your vote! Begin!” CB said.

    ”also if a tie occurs I will break it with a second, easier challenge.” They mentioned.

    iggy turned back to his siblings and stepped next to them 

    he looked up at the wall for a moment “..what do we think?” 

  5. On 10/25/2022 at 2:31 PM, Pancake said:

    They were complimenting all the art as the other teams handed in their pieces. Clapping after each as they disappeared momentarily then reappeared larger and with a frame, suspended in midair on a seemingly invisible wall.

    ”very creative! Thank you!” They said, doing the same thing with your art as they did with all the others.

    iggy looked up to admire the wall of artwork

  6. 6 hours ago, fawncake said:


    *yeets gift and runs away*



    6 hours ago, polly said:

    happy brithdaY!!! i cant post m,y art because its the style im using for the sercet santa niche but its on discord ok good night!!!!!!!!!!!


    6 hours ago, Pancake said:

    Happy birth, nestie


    4 hours ago, BirbMaster2 said:

    Omg it pepper spawnday? Happy spawnday pepper!


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  7. 3 hours ago, Chiyanna said:


    Whitetail was roused by the sound of a voice. The first thing that she noticed was the distinctive smell of blood. 

    "Fall back! How many injured?" she muttered under her breath. She blinked open her eyes, disoriented.

    fall back what does that even mean who is this where am i

    ”did you see what happened?”

  8. 2 hours ago, GreenTheCrowFox said:

    DAY 3



    @Star Starless







    That same smell was back...

    This time, you found two people dead...


    JACK ( @Pancake ) AND ASTRAION ( @Modiano Ourania ) ARE DEAD

    [Minor Gore Warning]


    reese shot up quickly, frustrated he fell asleep again 

    he turned over to where the deer was and could just barely see two others on the floor next to her

    is that,,,,,,oh my gosh not again nononono

    he scrambled up off the floor and ran up beside the deer

    ”hey!! wh-what happened?!! did you see what happened???”

  9. 53 minutes ago, Sky said:

    I'm smart. this is open now sorry 👍

    dw about it!!!!!!


    my son he gets ignored a lot 



    he was some random orphan i found at the edge of a beach abd im pretty sure he was just repedetly getting stunned by coconuts falling on him so i ofc invited him in the tribe

    this was back when i actually did story telling in the game!!! he was always pretty chill he just kinda vibe he was epic 

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  10. On 11/13/2022 at 8:53 PM, GAMINGSPOOKIE said:

    but then you would have to go to school in summer when its HOT and youre DYING because summer SUCKS

    true but maybe they'd get some actual ac in my school 😡😡

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