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  1. Liltwudt Lilyrudt Lilyrudt Loltwudt Lilyeuft Lilteudy Lilyrift Lilyruft Liltrudt Lilyfthu Lilyruft Lilytift Lilitift Liltdrft Lilyrufy Lilytify Lilutugy Lilyyify Okay, Ima go now...
  2. Wait, this is a little off-topic (but then again...it seems as if this whole topic is going nowhere very fast...) But, TheAlbinoNightfury, I couldn't help noticing your rank... izzat from the Dora movie...? Sorry if it isn't, I was just wondering...
  3. Hhhh, I did it (I know it's not colored...also, anybody know any free recording programs that can record system sounds? The Bandicam watermark is huge...) bandicam 2019-07-23 16-41-02-918.mp4 I actually like this, tbh... It's a bearyna about to kill a nicehling, and another nicheling's watching in horror.
  4. W-wait, I'm a little confused... are we animating this?
  5. ...will be seen flying through the air on a normal basis, on their daily commute to work. When I grow up, Minecraft...
  6. ...lettuce with a hint of tomatoes, sometimes chicken, sometimes cucumber, and they've got some other stuff too. When I grow up, the only ice cream flavor will be...
  7. *sniffle* an art comp. I cannot enter in...ah well, gl to everyone!
  8. People will knit plushies in memory of me. When I grow up and my PC dies...
  9. A bootiful cat (mrow). When I grow up, the sky will be...
  10. Just curious... Ima Hufflepuff 💛🖤
  11. Eh, no body voted for me yet. But whatever, I'm still really proud of it 😊
  12. Thank you! You guys are awesome.
  13. Well, you already drew Raana so wonderfully... How abouuuuut Scorp? Thank you! Edit- Oh man, I just saw your Scorp drawing. Sorry! How about...oh, I know! Alternate universe Raana- Thank you!
  14. Oh, also, don't forget to PM me for your art comp. prize!
  15. *squeak* This is awesome! Thank you!
  16. Scorp, please? Thank you!
  17. Oh my gosh yes. I'll add this and the other pic rn!
  18. Can I just say... I enjoy people copying me 😆 (No, I'm serious). Anywaaaaaays, Raana? Thanks!
  19. Also, I forgot to shade Dartpaw. Here it is-
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