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    Oh no Oh no no no No no no NO!
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    I also found a screenshot that I believe belongs to Clover, no?
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    Wasn't it Takoyaki who drew this for Sky? I think it was...
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    "What do you mean?" my browser shouts at me. "This is definitely a nicheling!!" Are you sure about that..?
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    Heh. Found this. Yes.
  7. Wait, what's that? (it just shows up as a little box for me)
  8. Hi there! I hope you enjoy it here on the forums! I've always liked the name Violet, even if it is just your online name! 🦕 (why do I feel the need to tack random emojis on the end of some of my posts...?)
  9. I used Krita. With a lot of duplicate frames. Fun fact- this intro already took 80 something frames at 6 fps...heheh.
  10. I downloaded this thingy-https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader (don't worry, it's safe) I then went on the music video I wanted the audio from, copied the link form the bar up top, went into the program above, and pasted the link in there. Then you click "extract audio" form the drop-down menu where it says something along the lines of "download video". Then I added it into Microsoft Photos (I'm pretty sure that's what you used for your animation, right?) And then boom, audio. Let me know if you need any more clarification 😊
  11. Oo, how about... This one? I luv Feather's (ya, that's his name) peacock tail :3
  12. Yep! I'm going to be doing an animation! A Warrior Cats animation, to be exact. It will be on the whole Ashfur betraying Squirrelflight, and Brambleclaw will be thrown in there somewhere too, I'm sure. It will be done to the song "House of Memories" by Panic! at the Disco. Original idea, I KNOW (I've seen a few M.A.Ps and animations illustrating this...but this one will be mine!) I hope I don't get burnt out, I'll keep working on it! Here's what I have so far, it is VERY work in progress, but I'm chugging along! (This is just the intro, oh, and if you're confused on what the Pepper Animates junk is about, I'm probably going to upload this to my other YT channel, it's an animating one. But if you look up Pepper Animates now, you'll just see one trashy animation I made a while back, the audio is awful...) Here it isssss, dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuun! I know the timing isn't perfect, I'm hoping that will be fixed with the full version, though. I think it's just because of the method I used to attach the audio with the video...Ya, that's it! Again, it's not even colored, so it's W.I.P... Ashfur_Medium.mp4
  13. I'm getting into watching her! I really like her short Warrior Cats animations. The Yellowfang one is really funny 😊
  14. Raana, pleassse?! Thank you!
  15. Ha HA, I did it! I really wasn't sure what to turn this girl in to, but I looked up "blue and white fruits" and thought that maybe the closest thing would be... A scary jester dude A dragon fruit! I hope you like it!
  16. No, I mean the stuff I put in them. Like when I reached 100, it was through asking somebody the details about a request they wanted me to do.
  17. *inHAles* MY SECRET HAS BEEN REVEALED! It's one of these things...Hmhmhm...
  18. I feel like all my milestone posts are ultimately meaningless...
  20. MmMmMmMm... A magician never reveals their secrets...
  21. *looks up brown and white fruits* *gasps* *chuckles* We'll see... >:3
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