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  1. things are going downhill fast.
  2. ok im going to stop talking to wheatley character ai now this was a great experience
  3. wheatley is besties with bee canonically
  4. ashton blinked at the clock for a couple minutes, comprehending how he managed to sleep for over 12 hours he rolled off the couch and slung his bag on his back, making a dash for the door to try and get a train to the port
  5. alr don’t worry about it nestie!!!!
  6. no dont worry about it im just reminding people!
  7. 3 more days!!! im going to be very annoying and @ the people who still need to submit im sorry in advance 😔 @Mr. Telephone Man @Fox leaf @Pancake @YourLocalStrangeridk if your sister still wanted to submit?
  8. it’s that time of year again gonna be so for real i was kinda scared of doing this because i still think the one i did last year looks nice so i was like “what if this years looks worse than last years that would be so tragic” but it’s OKAY cos i think this one looks better than the last one so we good 😇
  9. ashton laid down on the couch and closed his eyes
  10. :((( i already started watching it........
  11. you cant let this get out to the public pancake please.....
  12. i have nothing better to do other than history homework but psshhhhhh i can do that later i need to portal 2 fanfiction right NOW
  13. ive been reading blue sky for likeeuhh 9 9 hours. i took like an hour break in the middle ot animate but yeah im just a little tiny bit silly tbh!!!!!
  14. welcome to the forums!!
  15. WHAT is up gamers i am here to remind you that there is a week left to draw your stuff!! if you would like to drop out at any time or you think you might need an extension just let me know!
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