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  1. i feel like i should do some type of story thing but i havent actually done a story in niche for years now so uh
  2. OK TIME TO GO FINALLY WOW (my laptops doing this weird thing where some programs run really slowly and then i have to change some setting to fix it and the program goes back to normal so thats what was happening with niche but yea anywaysanyways) LOOK AT OUR SO EPIC STARTERS
  3. oh yea i forgot i have to redownload it because this is a new laptop 😔
  4. yeah!!!! i havent played niche for months now so im doing this mhm
  5. im gonna make a playthrough.
  6. aciutlaly should i make a playthough
  7. im gonna try doing ahvhc because wow its been a while
  8. wow i should play niche again
  9. i kinda want it to be fall tho i love the fall 😔
  10. ok wait but since it turned winter in nitw it reminded me of when it turns winter irl even tho its like a million degrees outside right niw
  11. wow jsut the truest
  12. pepper_


    how are you doing today epic gamer eevee
  14. there is no one on these forums that i know irl 😔 i think one time a couple years ago i tried to get one of my irl friends to join but she didnt want to
  15. yoooo!!!!!!!!! thats so cool!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you guys had an epic time!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. before the islands got sploded????
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