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  1. yea sorry that comes as a separate purchase actually
  2. liz this is your last warning either give me your artstyle or i will press charges
  3. also i didn’t do 19 becuase otp stuff still does not exist 😢
  4. i think i am idk at this point 😰😰 gree totally did not give me some amethyst that i did not take as an alliance and i totally did not get added to a discord group thing with other people who are not girl scouts
  5. whoaoaaaa i love your artstyle sm?????? welcome to the forums gamer :DDD
  6. day eighteen - eating something yummy canonically eats at mcdonalds with a talking sword and a cookie gaming cookie
  7. hi yes so about the topic title change i was wondering if i could maybe arrest tako for that would that be possible
  8. day seventeen - sitting down that moment when the when you when you and your siblings get transported to the middle of a random field
  9. i am a huge cheese enthusiast fr fr
  11. PALE 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  12. day sixteen - angry throwback to when c!eper murdered a child in her front lawn
  13. m y cousin aneyas i used to not like pineapples so i have nevrt tried pineapple pizza before but i went on a character arc over the summer where i learned that i now dont hate pineapples anymore!!! so maybe ill try it on pizza someday who knows
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