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  1. I know I just started up an art comp. I know I'm still waiting for Georgie's murder mystery. I just wanna take a break. 😊 The only reason I'm telling you guys is because I wanted to ask if any of you would be so kind as to tell me when everyone's submitted their pictures to the comp., or when the murder mystery starts up via my DA (PepperAnimates). So yea. Thank you in advance! See ya around, maybe!
  2. That is correct! It's kinda weird with new people joining because this art comp. was made a while ago and ...it's just weird. But, hey, I'm all for people coming in! If people like it a lot, I might do another one with a different theme after this finishes.
  3. Sorry, I can be very impatient 😅
  4. Okay! Soooooo, it seems as if... @heyitsgeorgie (she/her) is eliminated. But the galaxy in the drawing looks really cool! The aesthetic is very pleasing! The next round will start when Applesauce has submitted their drawing (there's no rush!). So...yea. Bye.
  5. I'm gonna close the poll soon, anyone else wanna vote?
  6. Sure I'll add you! Make some art, or find an old niche drawing, and make sure it's space themed! You'll be in for next round!
  7. 2 paw ups? Good enough for me! Okay so... we're tied for elimination, so... Eek for Aether Haha for Georgie Like for wikipedia Vote for which person you want to stay!
  8. Oh, and if this does start up again and someone doesn't want to be in it anymore, just tell me and I'll remove you 😊
  9. Oh my gosh, this is adorable!
  10. I'm thinking about starting this up again. I dunno, it's just weird to have some random, unfinished art comp. lying in here. What do you guys think? (Maybe do "paw up" for "keep doing it!" and "sad" for "nah, just leave it.")
  11. If you're still doing these (I know it's too late for the test sheet, buuuut...) Could you please draw Raana? I'm on mobile, so I can't provide a picture. I'm guessing you know what she looks like, but she's in my pfp if you need a reference! Thank you!
  12. Wow, this died. Anyways... Raunwatwe Rainwater *le gasp*
  13. Yeah, New Studio C is just...meh. I watch JK Studios way more often now! Speaking of which, I know you're a person of culture, have you seen the new Loving Lyfe episode?
  14. Book vs. movie- This video is the best 🤣
  15. Some quotes from my lovely teachers- "You are not spearing the cat on the ceiling with the flag!" "Why are you people still friends with her?" "My life is a joke!" "Rats don't steal equipment." "Excuse me for one second..." *bangs head on wall* "Was the squirrel, like, doing circles underneath his car?!" Thank you.
  16. My favorite character died in the book I was reading today...
  17. Cool playthrough! I should really play more Terraria... But *sniff* my goldfish in the game died. I let her into my house, and I wanted to go outside because I was bored... And a flying eyeball came in and MURDERED HER. And I was just about to make her a fishbowl! Sad times...
  18. You guys doing good today? (Oh gosh, that physically hurt.)
  19. You're welcome! Happy you liked it!
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