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  1. "You see the horns you bear? That is the blood of our ancestor that flows in you" Every clan has their ancestors, a brave nicheling or pair of nichelings who started it all. Some clans consider preserving bloodline of their ancestors to be of the upmost importance and quickly become panicked when that blood is 'lost'. Those who value sacred blood prize loyalty, family, and tradition. Age settings are up to you. Start on any island you like. You can have a maximum of 2 starters. Choose a sacred gene. It should be a gene that tends to be recessive (the wiki has a good page on this). You cannot put this gene in the mutation menu ever, so choose wisely! Good options include horns, patterns, immunity genes, or ears. Make one starter with the sacred gene and one without. You should also mark those with sacred blood with a special gem color in case a wanderer also has the same gene. Your clan cannot invite wanderers, move islands, or build nests unless a nicheling with the dominant sacred gene exists. Mates are monogamous unless one dies before the other does. Good luck! Tell me how it goes if you decide to try it!
  2. The girls stay with their parents until they are married off, so you would have to wait until boys are born before any of the girls can move out.
  3. and Part 2: Sorry the audio on part 2 is a little messed up. I'll work on the captions when I finish homework tomorrow.
  4. I'd love to hear about it! Post it on the playthrough board or something
  5. "To stay in one place when food is scarce is a gamble, especially to those without a knowledge of agriculture" A surprisingly hard yet very simple challenge. It has only a few rules, but it makes for an interesting game. Rules You may set age settings to whatever you like. Longer lifespans make the challenge harder, but also present ample opportunities for stories if you like roleplay. Have as many starters as you like or prefer. Having more starters makes this challenge harder but gives you more breeding material. Start with no nesting material and enough food to support your starters for a few days. You must establish a den with the following amenities: A nursery consisting of 2 or more nests in close proximity to each other, preferably in a protected location such as between some rocks or trees. 1 or 2 food sources which can be a stand of trees, berry bushes, or abundant fish. A place for any leader you may have to sit, such as a tree stump or sheltered spot beneath a tree. You should have a leader of some kind. All other ranks are up to you. Wanderers are welcome. Gameplay: Once you're in the game, you must try to find an island with all the amenities. Once you have, set up your den. Now... You can never leave whatever island you are on. That's the mainstay of the challenge. You must survive only on the island you have picked. You can set a time limit in either days or generations if you'd like, or just see how long your species survives. Good luck! The best part of this challenge is that other challenges (minus ones that require movement) can be integrated with this one.
  6. There's a lot of time between pictures since pregnancy is set to 7 days. A lot of it has to do when it rains 😂
  7. For my nobles, I made them using Saber fangs because I find those very pretty. For my villager and my matron, I just used a strict set of forbidden genes and had the game generate them from those. I can give you my forbidden genes if you like and you can decide what to add or take off.
  8. This is a challenge all about social structure. In this challenge, there are two social layers. You should use a very large island to allow this challenge to really take form: On the top are nobles. Nobles are the stronger, higher ranking faction. They are generally very beautiful (to you, at least), and will not bother with things like collecting grass. Nobles, however, do love a good hunt and chasing down rogues. They mostly live off the work from the villagers. They should each have their own space on a seperate part of the island than the villagers. They have the alpha rank. Their gems should be colored a noble gold. At the bottom are villagers. Villagers are normal, everyday nichelings with a whatever appearance. They may hunt, collect grass, pick berries, and all other nicheling related things. Each nicheling family has to have two parents and no more than 4 children. A couple cannot have more children until one of them dies or is married off. Each family should have their own small ‘house’ in the island at with at least one line of darkness between then and any neighboring family. They have the beta rank. Their gems can be colored between families so you can tell who comes from where. Generally, a house consists of some kind of food source (berry bush, river, tree) and a nest or at least enough space to make one. Marriage Daughters are very prized, especially a particularly pretty or talented daughter (Defined as having 3+ in any single skill, or a special skill such as weather prediction, this is up to you). When a daughter is born, all genetically compatible males will fight for the right to the daughter. If you have a lot of genetically compatible males, you can choose to limit the amount or only give each male 1 number so the numbers don’t get unmanageable. Use a die or a random number generator and give two numbers to each male, for example. Male 1 gets 2 and 6 Male 2 gets 1 and 3 Male 3 gets 4 and 5. The male whose number gets called wins the daughter, this is absolute, even if you didn’t want that female and that male to mate. HOWEVER, if the daughter is particularly desirable (in your eyes or by raw stats, whichever you prefer) and a noble family has a genetically compatible son, you must flip a coin to decide if the nobles take the daughter instead, regardless of whether you wanted her to mate with the nobles or not. Of course, this can always result in a lot of forbidden romances, subterfuge, sabotage, and family rivalries. This challenge is great fun if you’re into roleplay. Once a daughter reaches adulthood, she should get her own space with her husband and start having children as soon as possible. Their gems should gain a unique color, which all their children will inherit. Orphans and the matron: Orphans are the children of mothers and rogues, children a family has over their 4 child limit, or children whose parents have died. Somewhere on your island, there should be an orphan matron. Orphan matrons are usually older nichelings, sickly or crippled nichelings, or infertile nichelings. The orphanage should be separate from the normal area where your nichelings live, though not too far. Orphans have the omega rank. Orphan daughters can be married off when they reach adulthood. Usually only families that cannot seem to win a challenge will accept an orphan daughter as a wife. Nobles will never take an orphan wife. If there is no family who wants the orphan wife, she can either become a matron or a slave. Orphan sons may be married off if there are no other genetically compatible males for a given female. Otherwise, they begin work as matrons or become slaves for the nobles. This part of the challenge is mostly optional, but it does become useful if the orphan children have immunities that have become rare in the common population. Matron and orphan gems are orange unless they marry, after which they take their mate’s gem color. Matrons cannot marry or have mates. There can only be 3 matrons at a time! There are a few absolute rules in the clan: Villager females, especially married females, who mate with rogue males become ostracized. They can either be banished or given the omega rank and forced to do slave work like clear grass for the nobles, harvest stinky fruit, or become babysitters or orphan matrons. Their illegitimate children become orphans or can be banished and immediately killed if you choose not to do the orphanage. Villager families cannot become noble, though a family who produces desirable, healthy children is usually considered more highly among the clan members. Noble females who bring shame to the family name (for example, breeding with a rogue or a slave) are demoted to a villager. She cannot return to the noble rank ever again, and any children born from a demoted noble female cannot marry into noble families. If a male cannot produce children after 5 failed mating attempts (6 attempts in total), the daughter can choose return to their birth family and be married off to another male nicheling. A female can choose to give a male more chances, but generally will give up after ten tries or so. That male cannot compete for that daughter in her next challenge. An infertile daughter or son is usually banished, demoted to a slave, or made into an orphan matron as they are considered burdens on their family. Wanderers are always a villager, and cannot marry into noble families. However, their children can given they are talented and/or desirable enough. Nobles decide things like moving islands and serve as arbitrators in disputes. How to start: My settings are: Baby = 2 days Child = 5 days Teen = 12 days Adult = 61 days Pregnancy duration = 3 days Enemy damage = 10 Environment damage = 5 Hunger damage = 5 Healing = 5 Start with nine nichelings. Two noble families, and two villager families, and one orphan matron. Make sure to have their gems colored. You can design them or have the game generate them. You should use a large island. Grass Mingle, Grass adventure, Archipelago, and Peaceful Meadow are all good starting points. If you like a little variety, you can turn off some predators and go to some crazy islands like the deep jungle or home island. Do what makes you happy :3 Good luck!
  9. Entry 6 - All You Need Is Love Cocoa and Graham finally give into their feelings and confess. They decide to start a family right away. Everyone notes that the two seem absolutely, utterly in love. Most of the little cubs make fake-gagging sounds and snicker, but the adults can understand that kind of devotion. The queen gives birth to another princess she names Princess Cupcake. Wafer seems to connect with her little sister more than her twin, leading her around and gently combing through her fur. The king and queen wonder if Wafer would be happier if they got her a mate from within the clan. They begin to discuss it while also talking about plans to move send fourth the next generation to begin the next expansion of their empire. Polvorón and Beika help escort them to the healer's den. Pletzel and Cocoa are both confined to the healer's den for the time being. Their wounds are taking quite a long time to heal, and Rosette begins to fear they may not ever heal completely. The assault of rogues continue. Little Beika, Graham, and Polvorón are all busy chasing them away from the nursery, the royal family, and the farm. Polvorón has the extra job of making sure Wafter doesn't run off or poison Cupcake against her parents. Triscuit and Anpan come of age. To the surprise of no one, Triscuit is placed with the farmers, and Anpan with the healers. Cocoa gives birth to a little boy she names Appam. She is rather delighted to see he has horns, even though neither she nor Graham do. She seems this as a good omen. Nobody is really surprised when she's pregnant again two days later. Rosette nears the end of her own pregnancy. She can't wait to see what her pups will look like . Matzo and Paprenjak are ambushed during Matzo's first hunt as a full hunter. The bearyena charges out of nowhere and both hunters take serious wounds. Anpan gets thrown into the deep end of her training as she and the other healers rush to stop the bleeding, apply herbs to prevent infection, and start purring up a storm. Both hunters are given time out of their duties to recover. Oatcake grows into a full farmer. Her parents couldn't be more proud. She gets assigned to the berry stand Pletzel looks after. He seems perpetually nervous and some of the others begin to suspect he may have a crush on his fellow farmer. Appam comes of age. Everyone gathers as he is shown the crystal. No one knows where it might place him. To their great shock, a rabbil shows up in the crystal! Even the king and queen seem a bit shocked by this. Graham and Cocoa, on the other hand, seem positively thrilled. "Pizzelle, you are a smart and precise hunter. You shall mentor Appam" Princess Tahini says. Pizelle nods quietly, though she hasn't the faintest idea about how the best teach a flying hunter. She feels Appam has much potential, but she just needs to know how to unlock it. Beika is out on one of her patrols when she is suddenly bowled over by a nicheling chasing a rabbil. She looks up to see that he is a stranger! She immediately gives chase and bowls the stranger over, rolling in a ball of panicked screeches and flying fur. Senbei and Marie pull the wrestling nichelings apart. Appam catches the stranger while Marie holds back Beika. Despite her small size, the stranger has taken some wounds. He doesn't back down, and the king admires this stranger's bravery. He comes over to introduce himself. "You're very brave to be standing in the middle of an unknown clan" King Brownie starts. "I lived to be an adult for a reason! Just because that little rabid rabbil surprised me-" the stranger pauses to hiss at Beika. Beika practically roars back and struggles against Marie's hold on her. "-doens't mean I can't go down swinging" the stranger finishes. "Relax, Beika was merely being cautious. We have been quite busy dealing with a small army of rogue males" the king soothes. The stranger spits into the grass angrily. "I know those rogues. Goddamn plague to be sure. I've had to fight a couple over food. There ain't much land left that your little posse here doesn't control" he growls. "Why don't you join us? We have food and you'll have the protection and resources of our clan" the king smiles. The queen seems to catch it and smiles as well. She gives the stranger a once-over and nods. The stranger gives his name as Palmier. Within the crystal, he sees a Bearyena. "Another warrior, wonderful! We could use a guard for the throne room" Queen Oreo smiles. Palmier seems happy to have such an important position. Wafer seems interested in this newcomer. The king and queen seem especially happy with this fact. The entire clan seem interested in whatever the royal parents are planning, but nobody dares to ask. Rosette has bad news. Paprenjak's wounds are very severe. Anpan, Senbei, and Marie are doing all they can, but if they can't repair the wounds soon, Paprenjak will die within a few weeks. Pizzelle is crushed by this news. Anpan promises she'll do the best she can. The two rogues continue to weave in and out of the grass, always barely escaping. Palmier has been ordered to take princess Wafer on regular walks as they are trying to give her a little more freedom after being stuck in the throne room for some time. It also gives the warrior and the Princess plenty of time to talk. Palmier talks about his past for a bit. "I ran from my clan, you know. I was pretty little too. A new leader took over and he was going to kill the old leader's pups. I ran for my life, but got snatched by a bluebird. I managed to poison it and eventually it dropped me. I ended up landing here. I've been on my own since" he explains. "That sounds awful!" Wafer cries. She hasn't seen a bluebird herself, but she knew from her mother exactly what they were. One had stolen Healer Marie's pup, and it had been a kingdom wide heartbreak. It was part of the reason they were still on the whale, besides the virtually perfect camp. "I guess. But I mean, I lived. I wouldn't have if I had stayed. But you, you're like... the opposite. You won't live if you go off on your own. Even I knew I couldn't make it alone on the island. You'll have a much better life here than out there" he says. They have stopped just at the border of there the grass turned gold and the weather always felt hotter. The heavy coated princess squirmed uncomfortably under the thick heat seeping out from the golden grass. "I suppose you're right. I just... felt so betrayed. Just because Tahini 'studies' better. The only benefit is that I get to hunt stupid rabbils because my parents don't care what I do now that I'm not the next in line" Wafer growls, pressing her ears to her head. "They still care about you. I hear your mom and dad talk about you sometimes, when I'm on the night shift. They really worry about you" Palmier insists. When she rolls her eyes so hard they almost vanish beneath her eyelids. He turns, pausing to step in front of her. Despite the fact he's a head shorter than the princess, he stands his ground without flinching or cowering beneath her dark gaze. "Listen, princess, you need to get something in your head. Your studying, or lack thereof, might have put you at a disadvantage, but your behavior has just been making them believe they made the right choice. This isn't how a queen reacts when bad things happen. The fact I have to be with you on these walks proves you were not fit to be the heiress" Palmier hisses. Wafer can only stare with a look of blank horror for the rest of the walk home. Beika and Tareco finally manage to corner and kill one of the rogues. They are both personally commended by Oreo and Brownie for doing so. Palmier defends the princesses from the other rogue. Paprenjak begins to show signs of healing, the healers are cautiously optimistic that he will recover. Taralli is ambushed by a bearyena. All the farmers work together to defeat it, and Pizzelle immediately thanks them all for helping to save her daughter. Taralli is a little embarrassed, but very grateful to be alive. Pizelle is granted a day off from her hunting duties to go visit her mate in the healer's den. Paprenjak is clearly hurting, but tries to put on a brave face for his wife. Cocoa gives birth to another boy she names Gingersnap. He has a purring snout, but a lovely set of wings! The healers hope that he is placed with them. How wonderful would a winged healer be? Acting as a fast acting medic for when patients needed immediate care! Rumors say that Marie suddenly started looking through the ancient texts looking for a way to get the crystal to show certain symbols. Appam manages to get his first kill! It's just a rabbil, but Pizelle is still happy for him regardless. Paprenjak and Matzo continue to rest as their wounds finish healing. Matzo already feels mostly better, but the king and queen do not want injured warriors working, so no getting out of it. On the plus side, Taralli brings food to the healers and their patients at the end of each day. Sometimes she stops to talk with Matzo about life as a farmer and asking him about hunting. She eyes his wounds and decides that maybe farming was the better choice after all. Palmier and Wafer go on one of their walks. They go all the way to the head of the whale. The cool breeze from the ocean zipping by at amazing speeds is relaxing and very nice to the princess (who can't stand the heat at all). It's a lovely night, and a wall of grass separates them from the others. "So, where do you think your parents will want to go? I know they were talking about leaving the whale" Palmier questions. "I don't know. Hopefully somewhere cooler" Wafer replies, rolling onto her side. The grass is wonderfully cool and a little wet from yesterday's rain. "I hope not too cold!" Palmier jokes, running a claw through his much shorter chest fur. "I've started studying again, starting with the ancient texts. I figure, even if I'm not queen, I'm still the princess, right? And given all the ceremonies and sacred symbols that I see Tahini having to learn, I'm kinda glad I didn't get picked" Wafer smiles suddenly, though her expression is still a little sad. "Oh, you have? Then tell me an ancient story, princess" Palmier challenges. "Okay... have you ever heard of the demon Rokir?" Wafer asks. "Nah, my old clan didn't really talk about the old stories..." Palmier coughs awkwardly. "Ok, so, Rokir was a nicheling who lived a very long time ago. He was the son born when a wanderer mated with a female of this ancient tribe. Rokir was born deformed, and everyone shunned his mother because she had birthed such a crippled son" Wafer starts. "So Rokir grows up in this clan, and sees all the clans around him and even his own clan just leave their females unprotected! He's so angry, and nobody listens to him, so he resorts to drastic measures" she continues. "He ambushes females from the other clans. All the children born of these relationships was doomed to be born deformed. Eventually, Rokir is killed. But because he was so evil in real life, Entropus turns him into a demon instead. So when a clan gets stupid or complacent, and leaves it's females uprotected, Rokir sends a rogue male to teach them a lesson" she finished. "Oh god, that means we must be idiots!" Palmier jokes. Wafer laughs so hard she nearly falls off the whale. Palmier quickly pulls her back by her scruff and now they're both laughing, from equal parts humor and adrenaline. Their eyes meet and Wafer feels her heart stop. Right when the clan kills one rogue, another pops up, nearly getting to the princess. Palmier sends him yelping into the bushes with deep wounds. Some of the more superstitious members of the clan begin to wonder if Rokir has indeed cursed them with a plague of rogue males. Graham tries to raise morale by pointing out that none of the females had been harmed by one yet. "Yet" says the king, looking very worried. He decides that starting tomorrow, he will be patrolling alongside the warriors, and helping to fight off the rogue males. The warriors are confident that, with the king's great strength, they will be able to rid the clan of the rogue menaces once and for all. Wafer seems to be hiding in the grass by the throne, and is pointedly not facing in the direction of her parents. Luckily for her, they are so used to that behavior they don't really bother to check. Rosette gives birth to her and Tareco's child. It's a girl! Madeleine is her name. She looks adorably like her father, but has the vibrant spots of her mother. One day, King Brownie goes to wake Wafer, he sees that she is pregnant. He nearly faints. "Oh how splendid, how wonderful. My little girl, pregnant! I'm going to be a queenmother!" Queen Oreo purrs, prancing around the throne room like a rabbil on fermented fruit. "You aren't mad?" Wafer wonders shyly, peeking out from behind the paw that had been plastered to her face. "Well yes, but actually, no. We sort of meant for this to happen, dearest. You were very alone, and you were going to be very alone forever unless we did something. We knew Palmier would be a perfect match for you" Queen Oreo explains. Wafer feels like she should be angry, but is too relieved to care. Beika grows into a full warrior, just in time too! A bearyena attacks the nursery workers, but Beika kills it before it manages to harm anyone. The entire clan enjoys a feast of bearyena meat. Graham manages to kill another rogue male! Matzo is fully healed and released from the infirmary. Gingersnap comes of age. He sees into the crystal and sees a berry or an herb. He decides to join the healers. Cocoa and Graham are delighted to see their son get such an important position. Senbei is assigned as his mentor. Madeleine comes of age a few days later. She is shown an herb, a berry, or a rabbil. She decided then that working with plants all day was not for her. "I'll join the hunter's faction" Madeleine says. "Very good. Hunter Matzo, you are fully recovered and have done very well in your duties. You will mentor Madeleine" Princess Tahini announces. Everyone is surprised to see a pregnant Wafer there at the ceremony. Everyone immediately guesses Palmier is the father. The king and queen announce that they believe moving the clan is best. The fifteen that would be going forward are: Farmer Oatcake Farmer Pletzel Farmer Taralli Warrior Beika Warrior Graham Warrior Palmier Healer Senbei Healer Anpan Healer Gingersnap Hunter Appam Hunter Matzo Hunter Madeleine Princess Wafer Queen Tahini King Pepperidge The chosen clanmembers begin to head north. The new queen and king talk in low voices about the next island to expand the empire. Everyone's hoping for somewhere at least relatively peaceful, with a new perfect camp for them to all live in and enjoy. Polvorón is tragically struck down by a bearyena. Pizzelle and Paprenjak go to track down the bearyena responsible. Pizzelle seems all but shellshocked about the sudden death of her brother. Tareco and Paprenjak manage to find it. They take it down, but Tareco is injured in the process. He is taken to the healer's den by Paprenjak. Rosette says that she thinks he will recover, but not to be optimistic. She seems especially shaken, knowing that he's her mate. The last of those going forward get to the port. The clan wishes them farewell as they head off. Where are they going? Only the Queen and King know that, and they haven't told anyone. You'll just have to come back for the next update!
  10. XD No, it's cause they're all named after various baked goods. I'll try to make sure to keep all the characters more involved from now on. The clan is growing quite large and there's a lot of different stories going on.
  11. Tahini took her studies more seriously while Wafer kept running off to fight her own battles. Strength does not equal being a great ruler. Paprenjak did end up escorting her back, and now Palvoron is stationed there to make sure she doesn't run off again. That doesn't mean she won't try though. I'll update again later today
  12. Entry 5: Rogues Many things happen to the clan at once. The princess goes missing. Nobody is sure where she's gone, except north. However, both warriors are occupied by chasing away a persistent rogue. Paprenjak finds a young kit in the grass. He's rather brave when Paprenjak finds him, purring viciously. "Hey, hey, calm down. Where's your parents?" Paprenjak wonders. "I ain't got no parents!" the kit protests. "I'm Senbei and that's all I need!" he adds. "Okay... Senbei. If you don't want any parents, why not join a clan?" Paprenjak asks, flashing the remains of his latest hunt. Senbei's stomach rumbles. He can't deny that he hadn't found much food by just wandering around. "Alright, I'll join your clan! What is my rank?" he asks. Senbei is taken to the crystal. To the surprise of no one, he is shown both a rabbil and an herb. "I'll be a healer" Senbei decides, figuring that sounded like a very important and prestigious position. "Very well. Rosette, you shall teach Senbei all you know" Queen Oreo says. She's hoping that the patient Rosette can teach the impulsive Senbei how to be a good healer. All hell breaks loose when a bearyena ambushes Pleztel while he's out digging roots. The two warriors rush to his aid, but Pletzel still comes back with heavy wounds. Cocoa dashes forward, pushing him out of the way. She cannot stand to see the young baby hurt, not when her maternal instincts are screaming in her head. She takes deep slashes to her chest for her troubles. Pizzelle quickly finishes off the bearyena but also takes some severe wounds, Polvorón escorts Pizzelle and Cocoa to the healers. It is clear he's especially worried about his sister. Oatcake, believing she can pick poison berries like her mother, becomes poisoned. She is rushed to the healers by Snickerdoodle. Senbei and Rosette are running around like dodomingos with their feathers on fire, applying herbs, stopping bleeding and purring away to fix the deeper injuries. Several clanmates pause in front of the healer's den, wondering if the four injured nichelings would make it through the week. Samprong gives birth to twins, Triscuit (digging trunk) and Anpan (Purr snout). The princesses come of age, though only Matzo has seen Princess Wafer, and she threatened him with banishment if he told anyone. Taralli comes of age and is shown the crystal. Within the sees a herb or a berry. To put it mildly, she is extremely disappointed. "I guess I go with the farmers" she sighs. "Excellent. Snickerdoodle, I leave Taralli's education to you" Princess Tahini says. It's her first ceremony, and the pregnant queen and the king watch proudly from their thrones. Snickerdoodle, happy to take on another apprentice, takes Taralli to begin her training. The clan continues to be assailed by rogues. Princess Wafer is nearly hurt, but Matzo leaps in and chases the rogue away. Paprenjak comes over to see what the problem in and begins to escort Wafer back to her parents. Tareco comes in late to bring dinner to Rosette. "You know, I always loved your stories. You were always so animated when you talk about them" he says. They moved to chat behind the rocks, letting the injured patients sleep. "I always loved how awestruck you looked when I told them. I always wished you had been placed with the healers, but you are an excellent hunter" Rosette purrs, looking off. "Was it... ever more for you?" Tareco wonders. "Yes" Two days later, Rosette announces that she is expecting pups. Tareco can be seen stalking a stagmole with a smug smile. Beika comes of age the day after. She is taken before the crystal. Within is a dark and bold bearyena - a very absolute sign. "I am a warrior" she says. "Wonderful. Graham, you have become a fine warrior the whole clan is thankful for. You will mentor Beika" Princess Tahini says. Graham is excited to have his first apprentice. He finally feels part of the clan. He eagerly runs over to begin Beika's training. The assault of the rogues continues. The king and queen start to discuss whether it's time for the next generation of the clan to move on.
  13. Entry 4 - Heirs Tareco makes his first kill - a stagmole. Pizzelle is very happy. Tareco takes this as a sign that he is, indeed, meant to be part of the hunter faction and starts to take his job more seriously. Semprong settles into the nursery to give birth. A drought holds the clan, and rain won't come for another week. Snickerdoodle laments their poor luck, but promises to keep up the food supply... somehow. The twin princesses grow into teenagers. Oreo tries to begin educating her daughters, but they are a rambunctious pair. Wafer gets covered in smelly fruit juice, and Tahini nearly runs straight into a rogue male! Polvorón and Graham manage to track down and kill him before it could threaten any of the other females. Both girls get a firm scolding and are told to take their studies more seriously. Samprong gives birth to a wonderful little girl named Oatcake. The little girl is quite sweet and just as sharp as her father. Most believe she would make a wonderful farmer or healer. Polvorón and Marie decide to have another baby. As do Pizzelle and Paprenjak. The healers lament how busy they will be in the coming days, and go out to collect herbs and berries for the expectant mothers to use. Graham gets assigned to help Cocoa back to camp proper after a rogue male traps her on a tree. Graham successfully fends him off and Cocoa is safe once again. Graham gets permission to stick around though, just in case that filthy rogue comes back of course. ANOTHER rogue comes, this time trying to threaten the nursery workers and eventually the royal family. Wafer immediately steps up to defend her little sister, roaring at the rogue and giving him some real wounds to think about. He limps off into the grass. Polvorón promises to come take care of him as soon as possible. Polvorón gets no such chance as on the next morning, a bearyena charges into the nursery. Graham, Polvorón, and Marie all work together to kill it, but it leaves them with no time to go after the rogue. Wafer once again proves her worth by fighting off the rogue, determined to protect her family. Everyone is impressed with her bravery and strength. She seems to be a popular choice as heir, but the queen and king seem to be putting off that decision for as long as they physically can. Samprong and Snickerdoodle decide to try for another baby. Samprong becomes pregnant. The healers are even more busy than before preparing. Marie jokes about telling Polvorón to go help gather herbs. Tareco continues to make good kills. He seems like a natural hunter, and Pizelle is very proud. She holds high hopes that he will become a hunter the whole clan can be proud of. While collecting herbs. Rosette stumbles on a little nicheling. He's so scared that he immediately flees from her. "Hey, wait!" she called, racing after him. But just as quickly, he had vanished into the grass. "Cocoa, can you see a baby anywhere?" Rosette asked, staring up at the birch tree where the farmer is perched. Cocoa shakes her head, but promsies to help Rosette look. However, the kit is evidently hiding very well. "Please come out. We won't hurt you" Cocoa says, sniffing around the bushes. Finally, the little nicheling peeks out from behind a rock. "There you are. Are you hungry? We have some food" Rosette purrs. The nicheling timidly steps forward and takes the berries she offers. "What's your name?" she asks. "Pletzel" he replies quietly, so quiet he is nearly whispering. Rosette brings Pletzel before the king and queen. Despite his odd looks, his ability to collect insects makes him a valuable asset. He is gazes into the crystal and is faced with a large berry. "You are in the farming faction" Rosette explains patiently. "I am? Is that a good job?" Pletzel asks. "It is. You help provide food for the clan. It's very important" Queen Oreo assures. Pletzel seems satisfied with this answer. "Samprong, you are a peerless farmer. I trust you to teach Pletzel all you know" she continues, gazing at the farmer. Samprong nods and leads her new apprentice away, discussing how farming works and what he will be doing. Pletzel seems very excited to have a clan to belong to. Matzo comes of age and is taken before the crystal. Inside he sees a rabbil. "I am part of the hunters!" Matzo says eagerly. "Wonderful. Paprenjak, you raised Pizzelle to be a great hunter, I trust you will do the same with Matzo" King Brownie says. Paprenjak is happy to have another apprentice and eagerly takes Matzo to begin his first hunt. Graham grows into a full member of the warriors! Cocoa has been shooting him interested glances ever since he grew up into a very handsome, strong adult. He can barely contain his excitement, but can't work up the nerve to tell her how he feels. Tareco finally hunts his first rabbil. Pizzelle is very proud of her son. She has full confidence he will grow into a good hunter, as both his mother and his mentor. A rogue male tries to harass the nursery workers. Polvorón and Graham work together to chase him away. Pizzelle gives birth to a daughter she names Taralli. She promises to be as beautiful as her mother. The queen births a prince! The royal family dubs him Pepperidge The clan comes over to give their congratulations. He's genetically distinct, so most think he will be paired with one of the princesses. Finally, the King and Queen make their decision. "My clan. We now have a prince who can carry on the family line. Your next king and queen will be... Pepperidge and Tahini!" the king announces. Wafter's jaw drops. Her look is one of utter sadness and betrayal. "B-but... But I was always... Why her!?" she asks, staring at her parents with wide eyes. "Don't question us in front of the clan" King Brownie growls, shooting his daughter a withering stare. Wafer cowers and runs into the grass, leaving tears on the grass wherever she ran. The entire clan witnessed the event in awkward apprehension. "Return to your duties! Polvorón, Graham, if you see Wafer, please escort her back to the throne room" Queen Oreo ordered. The clan nods and returns to their work in tense silence. Nobody knows what will happen with the royal family now. Why had the king picked Tahini over Wafer? Nobody had any answers to these questions, and the evening passed in almost absolute silence. Only the otherworldly call of the whale broke the quiet night.
  14. Entry 3 - New Beginning After several island hops, looking for an island that isn't freezing cold, the clan ends up on a whale. Stroopwafel tragically froze to death and had to be left behind, and Marie's second baby was snatched by a bluebird. Though the whale island promises a fresh start, the entire mood is very somber, and Marie is nearly crushed with sadness. The prince (now king) has reached adulthood, as has Snickerdoodle. Everyone disperses to find new locations for farming, a nursery, and a throne room for the king and queen. The queen stumbles upon a tiny winged nicheling named Cocoa. They invite her to the tribe. Her flying ability is very useful for scouting out locations and food sources, and the queen and king are delighted to have such a useful nicheling. As she is a teenager, she is shown the crystal surface. Within she sees a rabbil or a berry. "I choose to the berry" she replies. The queen gently tells her that the berry means she gets to join the farmers. Cocoa is happy to have such an important job, even if all she can do is scout out food sources for the other farmers. "Snickerdoodle, you are a smart and patient farmer. You will mentor Cocoa" Oreo decides. Snickerdoodle is happy to have such a bright apprentice and promises to teach her how to find the best food sources. One benefit is that a new nursery has been located. With four nests and a protected position in the hollow of several rocks, it promises to be a good place to raise young. The healer's first patient, a young Pizelle pregnant with Paprenjak's baby, sits comfortably in a nice nest near Healer Rosette. A nearby berry bush provides fresh, nutritious berries for the healers and mothers to eat. Polvorón is stationed just outside to keep the babies and healers safe from any harm. Semprong and Snickerdoodle locate a stand of fruit trees and well as an acorn tree and a berry bush! They quickly begin to restore the clan's food stores, which were drained during the long spree of island hopping. Paprenjak hunts down some rabbils, which are thankfully much less of a problem atop the whale's back. There's still plenty of work for the hunters though with both stagmoles and rabbils to stalk. Queen Oreo and King Brownie have located a nice throne room near the heart of the island. Nearby berry bushes provide delicious berries for the royal family to nibble on. They decide to begin expanding the royal family again, and soon Oreo is pregnant with her first child. She settles down on her throne and makes preparations for her baby. She's very excited about being a mother, and it helps take her mind off the bad things that have happened. Brownie is just trying to support her as best he can. A bearyena attacks the nursery. Polvorón successfully fends it off, and the entire kingdom enjoys a dinner of bearyena meat. Cocoa finds her purpose flying among the acacia trees to the south and collecting the nuts on top. She's very happy to have found her own way to provide for the clan, and Snickerdoodle is proud to have a very clever apprentice who found a way to provide, despite the odds against her. Pizzelle gives birth to a little boy that she and Paprenjak name Tareco. He's practically a photocopy of his mother. The small family is happy to have such a beautiful son. Paprenjak can't wait to see what faction he's put into. Secretly, Polvorón hopes that he gets another warrior to help him defend the clan. The queen prepares to give birth. Healer Rosette is sent to assist her. "Polvorón, do you ever wish you have children?" Marie wonders. She has been recovering from her grief, very slowly. All that is left now is an empty space where her children used to be. "Well, of course. Who doesn't?" he cocks his head, studying the healer intently. She has been behaving differently towards him for the past few days, often lingering close by and making conversation often. "I could do it you know - bring you children" she says. Polvorón hesistates. He feels bad, like he's taking advantage of her grief, but the offer is so tempting. He eventually gives in, and Marie is pregnant with their child. Like her mother before her, Oreo gives birth to twin princesses. The one that is predominantly white is Tahini, while the one that is predominantly red is Wafer. The king is ecstatic and can't wait to see his daughters grow up. Oreo loves her two babies almost immediately and can't seem to contain her joy. The entire clan arrives to see the two princesses. "Oh, what lovely girls. They will surely be as lovely as their mother" Rosette purrs. The young healer heads back to the nursery to prepare for Marie's kitting. Samprong and Snickerdoodle, having grown quite close, decide to start a family of their own. It isn't long before Samprong is pregnant. The two princesses take their first steps out of the nest. King Brownie follows closely, gently steadying them whenever they nearly fall over. Wafer is the more curious of the two, while Tahini prefers to stay close to her parents. Snickerdoodle is gathering berries when he suddenly smells an intruder. He calls Polvorón over and the two go to investigate. Polvorón immediately jumps to confront the intruder when he instead finds a young teenager with ears nearly as large as his head. "Please don't hurt me!" the child cries, cowering before the warrior. "Wait! Polvorón, he's just a baby!" Snickerdoodle interjects, getting between the warrior and the baby. Polvorón softens and steps forward, offering the baby a few berries as a peace offering. "What is your name, little one?" he asks as the boy hungrily gulps down the offered food. "Graham" he replies, swallowing down the last of the berries and swiping a tongue around his short muzzle. Graham is taken before the king and queen. Brownie is ambivalent towards him, but Oreo seems to find his muzzle and large ears especially adorable and says he can stay. He gazes into the crystal and sees an herb, a rabbil, and a bearyena. "You may join the warriors, the healers, or the hunters" the queen explains. Graham sits as he contemplates his choice. Snickerdoodle's job requires dexterity, something he doesn't really have. Hunting sounds relatively boring. Who wants to chase around rabbils all day, every day? Polvorón watches from a distance, waiting with hope is his heart. "I'll join the warriors" Graham decides. Polvorón practically jumps for joy when he hears about the boy's decision. "Very good. Polvorón will be your mentor" King Brownie explains. Graham goes with the older warrior to begin his training. Rosette is having a wonderful time teaching Tareco about the traditions of the kingdom. The kit is very intelligent and very curious. He seems to absorb the old myths and legends, the tales of great ancestors, and the gods that watch over all life like a sponge. The sheer awe and joy in his eyes whenever he hears about a new story makes both the healers very happy. "And so, Annalee found the last root, and the plant blocking the port died. So when mothers want a selfless pup who can face any challenge without fear, they pray for Annalee to bless their child" Marie says to Tareco, curled up quietly on her nest. "Did my mama pray to any ancestor when she had me?" "Yes, actually. She prayed to Glowingstar, hoping you would be born with the same courage and strength" Rosette purrs. "Ooh, what's the story of Glowingstar?" Tareco asks eagerly. "Well, on an island far away from here..." Polvorón lingers close, hoping to see his child. Graham trails in his footsteps, killing an annoying bunnil trying to get to the healer's berry bushes. Both decide to spend the night near there and listen to Marie and Rosette tell the story of Glowingstar. It's ends right as Tareco falls asleep, safe next to Marie and Rosette. During the night, Marie goes into labor and births a child she and Polvorón name Matzo. He looks more like his father, but his fingers are much more dexterous. Marie wonders what faction he will be placed into once he gets older. The next day, believing his apprentice to be ready, Polvorón gives Graham his first assignment. He is to help guard the farm from enemies and bunnils. Graham is very excited to finally have a real job, and quickly races over to the farming sector to help the farmers keep away any danger that comes near. Protecting the food supply is a very important job, Polvorón just hopes that Graham doesn't let it go to his head. Cocoa hops between acacia trees, breaking open the nuts inside. Queen Oreo, pregnant again, has developed a craving for the nuts and so Cocoa is extremely busy, trying to gather enough for the queen to be satisfied. She grows into a lovely young adult, and her beautiful looks promise to steal hearts. Graham seems to be especially interested in her whenever she flutters by. Tareco comes of age! He is taken to the crystal. He sees a rabbil and a bearyena. He is... let down. He was hoping to stay with the healers and Rosette, but knows that the crystal always sees the truth. He decides to follow in his parent's pawsteps. "I will be a hunter" he decides. "Excellent. Pizzelle, you have grown into a fine hunter. I trust you will teach all that you know to Tareco" Queen Oreo declares. Pizzelle is glad she gets to teach her son. She knows he'll make an excellent hunter.
  15. I opened my game to check and it now shows the correct day number. I guess I just needed to reload it. I probably should have tried that first but c'est la vie.
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