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  1. I tested it several times: palm trees are still generated when you disable them in the sandox settings.
  2. This is actually not a suggestion for the game, but the forum: please add categories. That way it is easier to find certain ideas. My suggestions: - genes - NPC creatures - environment / islands / maps - ui (familily tree, ...) - other
  3. I actually don't think it looks that bad, but before I tried it I wasn't sure either tbh.
  4. Yeah, I forgot to write that my Ramfox ideas where basically the same. I only wanted to show that I would make it very similar, but with additional speed. I came to that idea with the 0 swimming, because i realized I already had selected 3 skill points for the Hindlegs and because I thought creatures unable to swim wouldn't be a problem, considering that your'e creatures, especially on cold islands, are most of the times on land. Giving birth to a creature with Ramfox Hindlegs and no other swimming genes in the water or sorrounded by rivers would of course be pretty bad, I admit. Regarding the difficulty of the Ape taming I think it would actually be quite good to combine our ideas: first abduct the babys and then feed them to maintain their loyalty I see the balance issue with the Giant Nose, Giant Ears and Giant Eyes, but I don't wan't them to disable each other so I also think now that the values you chose above are better (4 Smelling, 5 Hearing and 4 Eyesight). I don't think there is a problem with the Fur colors and camo, because you get the camo bonus of 2, if one of you're genes has it.
  5. I really would like to see Ramfox hybrids. However, I would not give it Bearhyena limbs, because they are too strong and too slow. I think the unique genes to go for with that one are: Ramfox Tail: +2 cold resistance Ramfox Claws: +1 strength +1 speed Ramfox Hindlegs: +2 speed +1 strength (+0 swimming!) As for the Ultimate Ape: I like him, but I don't think that should be the tameable one. I think it is just too much awesomeness at once (and yes I think that is possile). Instead I would like it, if Ape nests would spawn on Ape Tree branches. There you could find one or two little Apes of the same species that you can abduct with flying creatures (similar to the flying attack). If you then manage to bring them out of range of any adult Apes you can tame them as usual. The special genes would be: Ape arms(same as above): +1 strength, +1 collecting, +1 cracking, +1 climbing (when uniform) Ape Body: +3 strength, maybe: poison resistance, disables tail genes Ape Snout(Seeing and Hearing Ape): 0 Smelling, distasteful appearance, maybe: poison resistance, +1 strength Giant Nose(Smelling Ape): +4 Smelling no Ears(Seeing and Smelling Apes): 0 Hearing Giant Ears(Hearing Ape): +5 Hearing, maybe: +2 heat resistance, disables horn genes (Blind Eyes(Hearing and Smelling Ape)) Giant Eyes(Seeing Ape): +4 Eyesight (yellow Fur(Seeing Ape)) green Fur(Hearing Ape): +2 camo in Jungle and Grasslands blue Fur(Smelling Ape): probably: nothing, maybe: +2 camo in water values have been updated
  6. I like this. It could also give a little boost to smelling and hearing like the Blind Eyes.
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