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  1. I am still looking for all images of Onbu.
  2. The nichelings who's gene you muttate wont gain the ability up if you don't leave and reopen game
  3. when you leave the game and reopen it the ones who are on the sleeping timer get stuck and the ones that were on a mission timer
  4. Miz

    yay (dear god)

    i just got this one to work you just need to breed the female whit a male first and then after that you dont need the male to breed again lol
  5. Adam is stuck asleep or something I can wake him up for 22 Berry's but still kind of annoying
  6. Fantasy anime I have been doing this for an entire month
  7. I can select the wanderer from the side of the rock that's not hidden behind the grass so it's just a visual bug that won't go away
  8. This is slightly annoying I have had this since I updated it's just stuck
  9. vrooi verri (why am i doing this whit my life)
  10. I can't wait every image here makes me want this more
  11. Miz

    I am very bored

    So you also see how that dog looks like a nicheling
  12. Miz

    I am very bored

    Tell me something funny! About your day maybe? I sat around doing nothing becuse it was raining. I the person almost in the midel of no were wants to hear something funny this place can surely help? I only have this dog pic i found to share.
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