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  1. vrooi verri (why am i doing this whit my life)
  2. I can't wait every image here makes me want this more
  3. So you also see how that dog looks like a nicheling
  4. Tell me something funny! About your day maybe? I sat around doing nothing becuse it was raining. I the person almost in the midel of no were wants to hear something funny this place can surely help? I only have this dog pic i found to share.
  5. I mean there is dark brown by his eyes fun fact he got that name when he was born
  6. Odd is friendly and funny everything else about is just odd just like his name just like his family so hes a odd friendly boy
  7. I wanna join but i dont have any pics of him lol and i am on tablet right now sad
  8. I have also just seen this on android. Very intresthing eyes you got there friend...
  9. You mean my nichelings can look cutter an fluffier that this creature of cuteness yes yesss give us pure cuteness mUHahAhaHahA
  10. jah olen Eestist. Sina Soomest?
  11. See siin on midagi millele ma üks päev tagasi vaatan ja naeran „miks see üldse juhtus” aga ma olen otsustanud et see on seda väärt.
  12. Millegipärast ma arvan et sa valetad. Võibolla see lõpp... I can ot write well in my own first language, funny...
  13. Yeah i am a part of this i have no idea why or how
  14. Remember when nichelings were a part of the rock now their a part of the lock
  15. i gotta go whit heck yeah 2. heck yeah 1 and heck yeah 3 dont sound as good
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