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  1. Wait I just realized that this is the same as my old nicheling profile photo XD im not mad just thought it was funny.
  2. Hello Hope you enjoy the forums!
  3. Thanks for liking my art even if its kinda an old drawing when I just got on the forums!
  4. Its just really good in the ice islands
  5. Just put your favorite cheese below I'm kinda bored. heh I like mozzarella
  6. Wonder how seri is gonna react ( seri pixel biologist )
  7. wish I could draw on computer like that...
  8. I WANNA TRY THIS NOW ( for testing to see if its just you and for my own confusion )
  9. somehow got back from testing branch to basic version. @Philo
  10. Kind of want batwing to have a small collecting ability. Because of fruit bats.
  11. Hmmmm the elusive spelling mistake.
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