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  1. From my trip to London, two years ago? It looked a lot better than the picture.
  2. Aheh, did anyone else collect Moshi Monsters? I remember my school set up a sort blackmarket for Moshi Monsters after the headteacher banned them. They’re currently gathering dust in my attic, I have pretty big collection. Mm, those were good times.
  3. Title is very self-explanatory, if you’ve only mentioned it once then that’s okay too I guess. Doesn’t have to be something personal, could like a fun-fact. I’ll start: I’m incredibly short-sighted and I wear glasses. I don’t like wearing them but I like being able to see so-
  4. Having the motivation to finish a piece of art that ends up looking pretty cool. Awesome!
  5. This is my british shorthair, his name is Ron. He's three this summer. He's named after Ron Weasley.
  6. Got my new laptop today! Though it's for schoolwork only, I'm still excited it!
  7. Pineapple. Just. Pineapple. >:D (with sauce and cheese of course)
  8. Sorry, Sliver has already taken #1. #2, #3, #5 & #12 are open though?
  9. @panda wanderer Does Melon have a swimming tail? I've finished Prince, Tanu and Likana, starting Melon now!
  10. Haha, sure! I’m going to stop for the night, will return to this tomorrow afternoon!
  11. One nicheling per person, for now anyways. I’ll change it to suit your nicheling, body, horns, paws, snouts, tails, etc. Ask for a number and send a picture of your nicheling, and I’ll get started! This is only a super rough sketch, I can add more if needed. If anything’s unclear let me know, lol. Bloodstone Lalovaa Open (allowed to choose another number for another nicheling) Saltlake Elme Damon Flowermask Magnolia Melon Prince Tanu Meringue Likana
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