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  1. I got it straight away- like “ eh what you on about? “, yah know? Or apparently not? Does no one in America actually say eh? I would describe it as sounding like meh without the m. I’m pretty rubbish at languages though. It makes me wonder what other subtle differences there is between Britain and America that you just wouldn’t notice unless you’ve been to both places.
  2. Ahh, thank you so much for my art- I love it! I think there is definitely some styles that give away the artist, others I don’t recognise at all, all the artists did amazing.
  3. Can you guys believe how quickly December is going? Christmas is a week tomorrow, my birthday is this Saturday, also only 2 weeks (ish) until 2010s are over?
  4. I did Lili, hopefully I’ll get Rougeh done soon. This one has much neater lines and colouring then the last ones I did.
  5. 5 new hatchlings today, definitely getting rid of the coatls.
  6. Sorry, but what's your username again? I can't seem to find you.
  7. I need these dragons gone as soon as possible- all are rtb, excluding the wildclaws. If anyone wants one I’ll send it over. (Sorry for so many pictures, I have quite a few I want rid of, aha)
  8. I'll join too! Does it have to be a fullbody or can it be a headshot? Here is Pomegranate, soft & sweet, nut picker and berry collector. Sorry for the rubbish picture- also a colour palette.
  9. Click on my name then click on Raye's picture- and scroll until you see studding services.
  10. I'm still shocked at this NCL. Also if anyone here wants a reduced breeding to king, I'll send 50sb back- my username is also raybeams.
  11. I really can't remember if I've been on this topic before- but does anyone want some cubs from the giving tree? I have way too many, and some of them are relatively pretty even if they don't have rare marks or bases. Here's the link to my queen (w.i.p), if you go into the unsorted all lions there are available for free. (I hope the link works, eek) https://www.lioden.com/lion.php?mid=153103
  12. Sorry for my absence, I was without wifi for a couple days. Does anyone want these dragons? I need at least one of them gone by tomorrow- to make enough room for my halloween hatchlings. Also, breeding card for Cygnus and Unnamed.
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