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  1. Am the only one here in plague? I don’t really like the red eyes, but I can’t be bothered to change it.
  2. Sorry, but Melon asked first. His parents are having 3 more hatchlings soon though, if you’d like one of those?
  3. I need to get rid of these dragons to make room for my hatchlings- they aren’t prettiest but I’m giving them away for free. Anyone want them?
  4. All the unnamed in my den are free if anyone is interested. I need room for my eggs when they hatch. My name is MissoDoggo, I’ll try and send some more friend requests.
  5. I named them Basil and Adonis, but I was very close to naming them Herbal and Blu. I got the idea for Basil’s name from ‘Herbal’, so thanks for the idea!
  6. I cracked and bought the green pearlcatcher and a teal skydancer. (Thanks Magicmoonss for the tip about different breeds, hehe) Anyways here they are:
  7. Should I get a pair of dragons both with starmap and constellation? Is that too much starry-ness? And what colours.. I’m being tempted by these starmap constellations combos, what do you guys think?
  8. They look awesome! I was thinking about buying a pair of star-themed dragons, possibly a skydancer and a pearlcatcher. Are you planning to keep or sell the babies?
  9. I sent you a friend request, would you prefer female or male?
  10. I have an accumulating number of paint (primary) if anyone is interested, I don’t mind selling them for cheap or for free. My username is MissoDoggo (feel free to friend me ), all unnamed are available. I was going for a koi fish look, but got stuck in the trap of black-y gray colours. I’ll hopefully be breeding something more exciting soon. Example:
  11. (I would like to take the time to thank whoever compared me to a bit of butter. ) Thank you.
  12. I know someone who gets homeschooled because they couldn’t learn in a busy classroom environment. I’m almost the complete opposite- I work best in the classroom. At home I’m incredibly unmotivated to do anything, I’ve never been able to keep a hobby for more than a year. Also in my school, you can only use the toilets allocated to your year group and gender. This results in approximately 300 girls forced to use 3 cubicles with a strict no-going-to-the-toilet-in-class rule. Ahah, fun times.
  13. A self-portrait, I used a picture a reference (obviously). I also decided to colour my tie rainbow, because why not? I messed up the nose, but definitely my best digital portrait I’ve ever done- so there’s that.
  14. Your mother is.. I don’t recognise the last bit but google translate is telling ‘ a mattress. ‘
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