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  1. New babies, I plan to keep the skydancer. @Imp10 which one (bar skydancer) would you like? Also finally moved to ice and bred two pairs of dragons.
  2. Is there an item to change the gender of a dragon? Edit: My username is MissoDoggo.
  3. As spacecat said- the eyes. All my breeding couples have a possibility of blue offspring, whilst hardly any have the possibility of red children. The lightness of the ice eyes compliments most colour themes.
  4. I may of impulse bought two ghost/morph rtb dragons to make halloween babies?? The female (pearlcatcher) isn't the prettiest but they make a good breeding pair. Also I plan on switching to ice tomorrow after my eggs hatch, no more plague, yay!
  5. Really? I suppose it would be cool to have a spooky dragon born on Halloween. Hmm, I might go on a ghost dragon buying spree. I might sell a few depending on how they turn out- but I'll save one for you. I tend to give away quite a few of their children, I'm kind over my piebald phase now. (I fully blame Lioden for starting this obsession)
  6. I have four dragons hatching tomorrow and I definitely don't want all of them, would you like one? I'll send a link to the mother so you can see what babies they've had in the past. http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&id=413517&tab=dragon&did=44922128
  7. Is this one still available? I'd name him Cygnus, after the constellation.
  8. Not a great photo but haggis, mashed turnips and mashed potatoes.
  9. It's just a misunderstanding- not anyone's fault.
  10. Coatls have hatched, 2 with rare eyes.
  11. Coatl babies tomorrow, the offspring possibilities are getting me excited.
  12. Fourth of July is exclusive to America? Shame they cancelled Patriots Day, battle reenactment sounds pretty cool. 25th of January is Rabbie Burns Day, celebrations consist of haggis neeps and tatties, fireworks, bagpipes, highland dancing, poem readings, etc. As for Halloween the kids guising last year cleared us out of sweets despite being extra prepared, even had to turn a few groups away. Best costumes last year included a headless doctor, Freddy Krueger, a t-rex and Bellatrix Lestrange.
  13. Oh cool! I'll hold off on breeding for a few days so once my current eggs hatch I can switch.
  14. I believe after the first 6 months of playing you can’t change flights for free. Or something like that. Either way when I was investigating my settings it only offered a flight change for 1300 gems, despite always being plague. Everyone else is getting this too right?
  15. I’m in plague but the eye colours really don’t fit my dragons. I also have to second spacecat on the primal eyes. If I could change I’d probably change to the ice flight, unfortunately that’s not happening anytime soon though- 1300 gems? Nu-uh.
  16. I was offering to pay for some of it, but then I saw you’d already bought him.
  17. Her username is SnickerDoodl.
  18. MissoDoggo. Thank you!
  19. I'll take it, do you want the 1.6K treasure for it?
  20. Half an hour later I return with two new coatls, who are now parents to 3 eggs.
  21. I made breeding cards for my current breeding pairs. I'm going to go on a coatl search; expect me to return with some pretty dragons! >:D
  22. Is anyone selling a pretty adult coatl?
  23. Did a quick 5 minute sketch of Sliver.
  24. (Bump) I wasn't very happy with the first couple, so I did headshots with a sketchier style. Still not very happy with Creamello. I also did Sky (sorry if I got you wrong!), I'm open for more requests in this style.
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