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  1. i wonder what would happen if making a bio drill was possible lol
  2. Currently, tnt, drills, spikes, bumpers, and saws cannot have tech tree upgrades, but I think it would be really great if we could add things like +50% damage or -50% energy use to them. It would also be interesting if we could have cryo, plasma, and the other elements as an upgrade that we can add to these weapons, because who doesn't like firebombs and ice tnt?
  3. I think that he wants the programming to be similar to that of scrap mechanic, where you click and drag "cables" in order to bind things together rather than setting a keybinding, but if this was the case, it would be unnecessary since tag bindings accomplish the same thing.
  4. Whenever I zoom out in the editor, this happens.
  5. Please add some sort of block with a configurable air resistance level so we can make spoiler like things on our racing drones to help us in facing in the right direction.
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