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  1. Sure, we all love high low friction, cold hot resistance, but what if we had a higher lower mass and higher lower air resistance varient?
  2. So it's a circle hollow block? I like it. If you gave it high friction property and linked it to a motor inside it that could make super compact 2x2 wheels.
  3. I explained on another post my take on bio weapons, they should be kept. instead, a new weapon category or even new weapon type could work for 'ion/electric' similar to the old spark weapon, using special exclusive upgrades.
  4. Darker planets further from nearby stars or during 'night' could be dark, having the player need some kind of light. Though wouldn't that just be a color LED having a new function?
  5. sounds a little complicated, especially having a gun larger then the core. I think having 2x2 weapons as a default item is a better alternative.
  6. This sounds accomplishable easily using small magnets, and it sounds a little complicated but I like it. upvoted.
  7. I believe they mean a stronger connection between two parts, this reminds me of the piston part. it has a much thicker connection between the base part and it, maybe something similar with a wider more rigid connection.
  8. I like the idea, because freezers and coolers are too hard to focus. they still have their use in hot/cold environments, but this is definitely useful.
  9. Interesting, maybe we could have some kind of connection based block, like a spring where the connection beam is the main part of it. that could act as a wire, and the block could have some kind of drone running along it.
  10. To expand on this; I like the idea of more shield variations, so I totally agree with a shield tech tree. We could possibly also have a large shield generator, 2x2 in size. Some possible upgrades could be Shield size 1 2 & 3, Shield health 1 2 & 3, and maybe one that allows it to occasionally deflect shots.
  11. Lag really depends on your computer too, but at the same time there aren't that many uses for larger blocks.
  12. It may be complex merging guns and such, but a different alternative for 2x2 weapons could be a larger weapon, that uses additional energy as a seperate item.
  13. First off, I think that there should be a setting for limits, allowing the players to increase the max but not as a direct option, not only encouraging people to come up with workarounds but to avoid new players from changing it and being overwhelmed with higher maximums second, according to every other suggestion involving multi connect it cannot be done with the way the game is made right now, but you can use the hollow blocks and armor weaving to achieve higher stability.
  14. Bio weapons could deal extra damage to non-biological enemies, for example it wouldn't harm or deal little harm to bugs and hammerheads but could deal extra damage to mechanical (corp turrets and drones) enemies
  15. Tiny bits of terrain really are annoying, maybe having a button to highlight the ground and help you avoid them or make destroying them easier.
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