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  1. Even though im not really active, i will be gone for a few weeks starting friday. Im going on vacation to france and i dont know if ill be able to take my laptop with me
  2. My summer vacation has just started a few weeks ago, and ive been caught up in other shenaniganery. I have been stalking most playthroughs on here though lol
  3. (( ooof elme, ( my godess of bearyenas ), must be a bit agitated wit your clan ))
  4. Greetings, my name is reelme. I am a godess from a land far away. I do bear the megaloceros horns, but i have an argument. The megaloceros horns are also antlers, although larger. I have met nichelings bearing these horns who are kind and wise, and i believe they are even the ancestors of your crown of antlers. I do not wish to join, but just to say these words - reelme, godess of family and albinism
  5. maybe lupri, my god of flight? He was my first creature ever to have both bat wing and normal wing, and he was just really cool.
  6. both cardinal AND sacoya marry falcon. They both smooch him and love him. (( this is my standard solution to love triangles ))
  7. (( @Brokenshock @FlowerMask yall i have the perfect solution to the love triangle from the last one
  8. more wholesome and kid-friendly ( remember, most people on here are under the age of 18, including myself! )
  9. Oooh! Maybe some art of these two? I found them once, and i only had to console one of the females genes to make them look related!
  10. i spy with my little eye latin names. maybe some in anchient greek?
  11. im actually gonna put my albino godess here, since i almost never play with her! Her genes are : Megaloceros horns, bearyena ears, bearyena claw, either stinky or normal tail, normal hind legs, albinism, and runners leg
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