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  1. EEE! Here are my boiz
  2. Oooh! Maybe some art of these two? I found them once, and i only had to console one of the females genes to make them look related!
  3. i spy with my little eye latin names. maybe some in anchient greek?
  4. im actually gonna put my albino godess here, since i almost never play with her! Her genes are : Megaloceros horns, bearyena ears, bearyena claw, either stinky or normal tail, normal hind legs, albinism, and runners leg
  5. Sorry if im late,, here are my small pantheon nichelings Im gonna give a little bit of backstory on them. So, lupri ( Winged one ) is my god of flight. When he died, he brought his mate and stepdaughter with him to the pantheon. Elme ( Spotted one ), My godess of bearyenas, was jealous of this, because she didnt have a good homelife. She had a lot of siblings, and was easily forgotten. Her family was against her relationship with her bearyena mate, and kicked her out of the tribe, even preffering their non-related daughter over her. She sees him as a annoying little brother. Reelme, ( Albino one ), my godess of albinism and family, has adopted both of them, and is trying to mend their relationship.
  6. oooh! do lupri and his mate!
  7. EEE! I love it! Raresis babies look cute!
  8. If i remember correctly Yugo was sort of like a mother to The Thing right?? (( I probably dont remember it right )) so now im just picturing a child keeping their mother up all night, but only the child is a huge monster
  9. Raresi

    I'll do it too

    have my daughter
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