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  1. Raresi

    discord server?

    nvm found it lol
  2. Raresi

    discord server?

    Is there a discord server for niche? If so, can i join it uwu
  3. Basil!!! I also recently rejoined the forums, and its good to see you back!
  4. aahhh! so cute!
  5. the female touched her head. her horns were still there, luckily. she decided to start exploring this place, maybe other people knew why she was here. she walked into a random direction, hoping to find someone.
  6. ( ill only be able to roleplay for a half hour or so, because its pretty late where i live. Expect my character to be an elusive one )
  7. the female nicheling awoke to find that she wasnt sleeping in the same spot as always, confused, she rose up and started to look around. what is this place?, she thought
  8. Hey, sorry if im late and can't join, but here is my nicheling She remembers nothing of her past life, only that she was a priestress, and worshipped gods. The gods that she remembers the clearest are Reelme, the goddess of albinism and family, and raresi, the godess of memory and storytelling. She also vaguelly remembers a pitch black god with white eyes, and that he was the god of melanism, rain, and reelmes mate. She does not want to remember anything about her family, and is quite content praying, and trying to remember more gods. She does not think her family deserves to be remembered. After all, raresi IS the god of memory, and if She wanted the priestress to remember anything about her family, she would have given her some hints. She is very very proud, but does not like fighting. She feels truly sorry for those who dont remember their family, their gods, or even their mates and children. (( I have to go to bed now, and will only be able to roleplay very shortly tomorrow, cause i have to do schoolwork, go to a small event to honor a dead family member ( dont worry, im not gonna break social distancing ) AND have to go to the dentist )
  9. Could you maybe draw a zombified version of Raresi? ( Shes both the nicheling in my profile picture and the nicheling in the attached picture ). She has green gems, and i would like her to be smiling
  10. Ive been relooking trough some old comments i posted, and i suddenly got a lot of nostalgia for when i first started out? Anyone else remember the time when everyone created kingdoms and went to war? Or when the slightly annyoing rouge male was first created. The forums now are great as well, and im happy that some of the people who i met when in 2019, although i had to do some username backtracking to find out who was who, im glad that i rejoined the forums, and started playing niche again
  11. Im starting a new playthrough. Rules : - Every nicheling has a child limit of 3 - Unless there is an exception, all wanderers must be invited in - These Nichelings worship my god of beauty, privan, so they are very very vain. Any nichelings they deem ugly will be treated less good than the '''Pretty''' nichelings. How badly they are treated depends on the ruler - The ''Prettiest'' child will become the heir With this out of the way, lets meet our king and queen, Laisana and Tano
  12. Hey everyone who remembers me. Im back. Id been gone because i was focusing on school, and on improving my mental health. I wont be active lot, because focusing is hard, even if i do take meds for my ADHD now. I got back in to niche recently, so thats why im back
  13. Even though im not really active, i will be gone for a few weeks starting friday. Im going on vacation to france and i dont know if ill be able to take my laptop with me
  14. My summer vacation has just started a few weeks ago, and ive been caught up in other shenaniganery. I have been stalking most playthroughs on here though lol
  15. (( ooof elme, ( my godess of bearyenas ), must be a bit agitated wit your clan ))
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