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  1. My gorgeuos babe. Im gonna make her a demi-godess!
  2. If these are still open, my new sona is gonna need some arts
  3. could you maybe do raresi? Shes becoming my new sona uwu
  4. The backstory of my niche world is weird, vague. The nichelings do not know how their world was created. The place where my nicheling gods stay is a large whale, with all the biomes on it, but none of the monsters or so,
  5. Maybe a fusion between raresi and sianame? They can be a fusion between the two of them, and used to fuse with other characters!( Dont mind the fact she has two children with her brother )
  6. eeeee i love your art! If its not too much could you do one of elme?
  7. Raresi

    not art

    This isnt art but just a question, where did everyone get their profile pictures from? They are really pretty!!
  8. I mean i would, if both the fish and i consented.
  9. Probably not, but i really want to do a new challenge.
  10. I wanted to start this back up, but my save decided to glitch. So now we are back to the times of Rotano. (( I HAVE THE FEELING A NEW GOD IS GOING TO SHOW UP )) Dont look at me like that, Im blaming you two. Im going to timeskip now, and post the finished result later.
  11. Thank you, but i never rp. I mostly spectate
  12. imma be joining this, cuz im too lazy to change it but technically its now illegal to be a filthy homestuck in public again
  13. Elme, godess of bearyenas Reelme, godess of family and albinism Lurpi, god of flight
  14. Im putting this playtrough on hold, since it disturbs me too much for now. For a more wholesome playtrough, im currently starting one with reelme, my godess of family and albinism, and she will tolerate no incest, unless as a last resort.
  15. This is the kingdom tribe. They are blessed with the presence of the Godess herself, reelme, and pride themselves on that. Reelme takes care of their children, and they worship her in return. Unlike my other with the playtroughs featuring my other gods, reelme herself will be the narrator of this tribe. Reelme will use this colour when she speaks My tribe will start on peaceful meadow, and will be sorted into factions. At the beginning, we are still young. I looked so cute back then! We have arrived at our camp, close to the middle of the island Now, we are starting to organise our camp, and gathering food. We have also found a wanderer to help us! We are going to breed. The king and queen are going to have their first cub, and so will i. Komu has voulenteerd to be my donor, as he has uncoverd one of my servants! The rain brings us three new members! One, the royal prince tanu, and two of my own. My son, who will help me care for the younglings, and my daughter who will help her father in guarding the tribe!
  16. Luckily her immunity is the same as her brother, so she wont have to mate with him.Second little peasant babyOh no.
  17. A beautiful boy! Sadly he will have to mate with the first genetically compatible sister, but alas. Peasant child in the makingCute!!
  18. It is time to torture my nichelings with my very own challenge! The rules of the challenge are in the original post! Our tribe starts off on a peaceful meadow, with the heavily customized king and queen in orange, and the peasants in green. They arrive at their camp, ready to begin. The queen is ready for her first baby!
  19. I know this is late, but that cracker jaw half batwinged male might have been a follower of lupri, my god of flight! He is known to hang around derp snouts ( His husband is one )
  20. Im going to start lurking, dai just picked up gremlin and defi in her blimp. Its currently floating above the island
  21. Reelme : A disadvantage of being the mom friend is that you sometimes try to legally adopt your friends Elme : My friends might not want revenge for what you did to them, But i do. Meet me in the mcdonalds parking lot after school. Lupri : The fact that i can fly has made my daugher and mate 100000 times lazier. I love them anyways. Elme, to lupri : Listen up you idiot gay, you are now like a brother to me, and that has increased my annoyance with you so much
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