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  1. I think it promotes how global warming and habitat lose are important.
  2. Despite being considered gross and as a pest, but personally I think that the cockroach is an evolutionary success, and here is why. The Roach Head would be unlocked by surviving 105 days. The effects would be +1 collecting, +2 poison resistance, +2 sight, +4 Smelling and would disable ears. This is because cockroaches are known for there wide and non picky diet and have eaten rotten food that would be poisonous to other animals (also to make it balance no hearing for it). Next the Roach abdomen would be unlocked by surviving 105 days. The effects would be +2 speed, +2 distasteful appearance, +1 cold resistance, +1 heat resistance and +1 poison resistance and disables tail. This is because cockroaches can handle both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures and poisons as well (except for bug spray because there are mini chuck norris in them). They wouldn't have flight because even though they do have wings many breeds don't use them. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer
  3. Bioluminescence is hands down one of the coolest ideas for a niche, wether it is for an anglerfish a firefly or just to slap it on. And I can agree so I would like to do an idea with the most relation to bioluminescence would be the glow worm. The glowing body would be unlocked by spending 50 days in a jungle biome and collecting insects 20 times. The effect would be +2 bioluminescence (see firefly idea), +2 attracting insects and +2 insect collecting. This would reference how the glow worm hunts, by using colours to attract prey and capture them with a mucuses (think it would be too much). However I think we could make the bioluminescence interesting with the colours to randomise. The colours would be Blue, Yellow and Red and White, these colours would be a new gene slot and when two are different colours they would mix like fur patterns. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  4. The archer fish is likely the closes thing we have to the move water gun in pokemon, and I think that the Archer Fish can work with the recent insect collecting. So the only gene idea would be the Archer's Gills which would be unlocked by swimming 50 times and insect collecting 30 times. The effects would be +3 insect collecting and +1 underwater breathing. The way to make this gene more balanced would be having the insect source be at least 2 tiles away from water and the nichling to be in the water itself (fairly small if you ask me). Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  5. Jungle, swamp and of course multiple request for a woodland biomes have one thing in common, they're fairly dark. What I mean is these biomes contain a ton of dark patches. At times this is great because it could spawn a nichling with amazing genes but at times deal with a predator isn't as great, so what if there was a way to make sure nichelings are more prepared incase for a friend or foe. The Firefly Tail would be unlocked by spending 20 days in a jungle biome and if it's available spending 30 days in a woodland biome. The effects would be +2 distasteful appearance,-1 cold resistance and the new gene +2 bioluminescence. The bioluminescence effect would work similar to sight, with the amount of bioluminescence would show the amount of the tiles it can. An example is 1 bioluminescence = an additional set of tiles (so like an addition sight genes). However the difference with this effect is different from sight because it would only work in a dark area, more specifically grass patches. This would be a great advantage while scouting a new island to understand what you can work with. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  6. I personally think it would work because it wouldn't be copyright, plus seeing an alien like nichling would be cool.
  7. Nimbatus and Niche are both games made by Stray Fawn Studios and both seem fun (sadly can't play them 😫) but what if there was a reference of both of them in their games. For Nimbatus it could be a mission relating to analysing nichlings or fighting off their predators, as for the other way around in Niche the nichlings would have genes based of Nimbatus. Now I'm not saying the lazar beams and jet thrusters (doesn't sound half bad though) but what about the giant snake. It would be just a nice because the giant snake is some what prevalent in the game so it makes a lot of sense. First would be the Nimbatus fangs which would be a gene that would be invited into the tribe as with all the other genes. The effects would be +1 smelling, +1 hearing,+2 distasteful appearance and +2 strength, this is because the Giant snake does fight hard plus I don't think it relies on smelling because they're in space, you can't smell in space. Distasteful appearance because this is meant to be out of this earth and looking odd and strength because the giant snake looks strong. Next the Nimbatus body would provide +2 strength, +2 distasteful appearance, +2 scentless, +2 speed, +1 cold resistance and +1 heat resistance (over all balance). The strength and distasteful appearance is related to what was written earlier, the scentless and speed is because it is fairly fast in NImbatus and because we don't know what giant snakes smell like (maybe chocolate strawberries). Finally the Nimbatus tail would provide +1 strength, +1 speed and +1 distasteful appearance and you know why. Know these genes are technically op, because now a niceling is fast, powerful and can help fight of some predators but I've taken that into account. Which is why the Nimbatus fangs disable ears, the Nimbatus body disables paws and the Nimbatus tail disables hind legs. The whole idea is to give as mentioned earlier an extraterrestrial vibe to the genes and make it as a unique feature. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer (P.S - I know this may not be likely but this is just for fun, but if it does go well I'll be surprised.)
  8. The Praying Mantis is one of the most popular breeds from the mantis family and it overshadows other amazing breeds. So I thought why not do the Devil Mantis which could be a great addition to the game. First would be the Devil Mantis Claws which would be unlocked by being in a Jungle biome for 30 days and attacking 50 times. The effects would be +2 distasteful appearance and +2 strength. The way the DM claws would look similar to a claw but with the of course the mantis shape and a small patch of skin in between the forelimb and the body with a colour set. This colour would be determined by the colours opposite to the ones used to set out the body (eg if the nicheling was white the DM claws hood would be black). Next would be the Devil Mantis abdomen which would be unlocked by having nichelings with distasteful apperances for 50 days. The effects would be +3 distasteful appearance, +1 heat resistance, +1 scentless and -1 cold resistance. This references how the devil mantis' can handle the heat but die out due to the cold. As for the distasteful appearance it is like with the DM claws with bright colours intimidating prey. Nichelings with the DM abdomen would have a colour pallet like the toxic body but with a combination of 2 other colours (eg blue grey and brown). Personally I would like this idea because it add more colour to the nichelings themselves. Finally the Devil Mantis tail would be unlocked by having a nicelings with distasteful appearance for 30 days. The effects would be +2 distasteful appearance, +1 heat resistance and -1 cold resistance. It would work like the DM abdomen but only for the tail itself (I actually find this part neat). Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  9. I can not describe how much I want more vibrant water biomes. Wether it would be from new prey/predators, new vegetation and of course genes. The sailfish would work out if we do end up with a water biome that was more open and had less forms of life in it. First would be the Sailfish snout which would be unlocked by swimming 30 times and fishing 50. The effects would be +1 underwater breathing, +1 fishing and +1 stun, a tonne of people already suggest stun so there ain't really a need to talk about (sailfish do stun prey). Next would be the sailed back which would be unlocked by swimming 70 times, and would provide +3 swimming and +2 scentless (the gills aren't at the torso part). Finally the sailfish tail would be unlocked by swimming 50 times and would be a variation of the swimming tail only providing +1 swimming. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  10. I like the idea but maybe it would be best if the stun was only for 1 day and 2 for animals with better hearing, other wise it would be down right broken.
  11. I really like that idea, have you done this for your own gene idea because I think that you should.
  12. Biogamer


    Yeah I like this idea, could look pretty good with heat body.
  13. Now yes the naked mole rat isn't exactly a beauty to look at, but they have one thing that makes them impressive. The can never get cancer, so why don't we change it up a bit. The NMR immunity would be unlocked by surviving 300 days. It may be hard to get but it would be worth it with it's effect preventing nichelings from getting sleeping sickness and the cold and even genetic sickness from other nichelings. However they won't be immune if they had two NMR immunities (to make it not OP). Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
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