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  1. I did search previously if there was this request but I didn't, but if there are then my bad. I would just like to see some attacking animations. For example: Claws: Scratching animation Jaws: Biting Using their body: Tackling Tail: Swiping If not then maybe the image used for attacking an entity. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  2. The anomalocaridids were the worlds first apex predators, with the only beasts that could defeat them is another anomalocaridids. The most famous amongst them is the Anomalocaris, which I will be taking about today. All of these genes would be found in ice blocks but maybe closer to the water. First the Compound eyes (I know it has been requested multiple times) would provide +3-4 sight, because of the 360* vision and may be on a small stalk. Next the Grabber Jaw (front appendages) would provide +2 strength, +2 distasteful appearance, +2 collecting, +1 underwater breathing and disable ears. Because in order to make it not only balanced and realistic nichelings with the Grabber Jaw would not be able to smell or hear, unless another gene is around like blind eyes. The plated abdomen, based on its armoured yet mobile body would provide +2 defence, +2 swimming, +1 distasteful appearance and -1 cold resistance. Finally the Swimming Fan Tail would provide +2 swimming only. They did go extinct from cold temperatures so it would be a slight challenge with these genes in a frozen biome. However I did want to add more prehistoric genes to the games other than mammals and others are doing so as well. So I hope you've found this interesting, sincerely Biogamer.
  3. Now I've done something similar with the Platypus because I wanted more genes relating to the Platypus besides the beak. And I think this is the same problem with the Scorpion Tail, I mean why stop there. First the Multi Eyes would be unlocked by having majority of your tribe (even 50/50) must have regular eye genes and spending 20 days in a savannah biome. The eyes would be the same as regular except with three smaller eyes behind the regular one, the effects would be +4 sight. I know mandibles are popular but I'm going for it, the Scorpion Mandibles would be unlocked by attacking 50 times and spending 30 days in a savannah biome. The effects would be +1 distasteful appearance, +1 smell, +2 hearing and +1 strength. The hearing is a reference to their hair like feelers that sense their surroundings as would other hearing effects in the next idea. The Scorpion abdomen would be unlocked by spending 30 days in the savannah biome as well as have 10 nichelings survive being poison. The effects could be +2 heat resistance, +1 distasteful appearance, +2 hearing (IDK I think it's weird but cool at the same time), +1 poison resistance and +1 stealth, because of how they can fit in quite nicely into their environment, most of the time. Finally the Scorpion Pincers would be unlocked by attacking 50 times and spending 50 days in a savannah biome. The effects would be +3 strength, because of like how I usually mention if these traits were to be put onto a creature around the size of a fox or a wolf, it would hurt. But maybe heat resistance or something similar IDK. So I hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer. Here's the Platypus idea:
  4. There's nothing shameless about this. I think this could be what must be added with the larger rivers.
  5. If it this island were to exist I would literally think about this every time the island were to sink: Duknu (Regular Nicheling) Roku (Nicheling that could survive) D : Help me I'm sinking R: What are you sinking about
  6. I personally think that the rivers need to be updated after all it's usually just some water moving down a tile. Maybe make them larger like two/three tiles wide, or add a new creature that can only be found in rivers.
  7. Yeah I decided to not do the Basking shark because they do fill similar roles, plus I of the jokes from the gaming beaver.
  8. Now the reason on why I'm doing a whole bunch of sharks is because It's shark week so yeah its a celebration and it would usually be one gene for each shark (some may have more) and all genes would be unlocked by inviting a nicheling into the tribe in an archipelago as the dominant gene but rarity varies with it being common, uncommon, rare and extremely rare. So, yeah lets begin: Hammer Head Shark: Hammer Head (Uncommon): The effects would be +2 underwater echolocation (see link below), +1 hearing, +1 underwater breathing, +2 sight and disable ears. Fishing really shouldn't be added because well they wouldn't really fish so say, the plus 2 sight would combined with regular eyes sight effects because hammerheads have a large range of vision, but with no real hearing so ears should be disabled. Great White Shark: Jaws (the movie Jaws reference) (Snout: Extremely Rare): The effects would be +1 underwater echolocation, +1 hearing, +3 smelling, +1 underwater breathing, +2 strength and disable ears. Smelling because they have amazing sense of smell, and their bites are sever. Dorsal-Underbelly clash (Colouration: Uncommon): This would have the top section (dorsal) have darker colouration whilst the bottom section (underbelly) have lighter colouration. This would provide +3 camouflage underwater. Tiger Shark: Tiger Shark Jaws (Snout: Rare): The effects would be +2 underwater echolocation, +2 hearing, +1 hearing, +1 underwater breathing, +2 cracking and disable ears. This is because of how I needed some average genes per say and the cracking is because of their ability to crack turtle shells and clams. Tiger Shark Strips (Colouration: Common): The stripes would only run on the back and just be a darker shade of the nichelings main colour. This would provide +1 camouflage underwater and maybe in grass as well IDK. Thresher Shark: Thresher Tail (Tail: Rare): The effects would be +1 strength, +2 swimming. This is in reference to there long tails that they use to stun their prey. Mako Shark: Mako Fins (Paws: Common): The effects would be +2 swimming. Mako Tail (Tail: Uncommon): The effects would be +3 swimming. Mako Body (Body: Rare): The effects would be +2 swimming, +2 cold resistance. +1 underwater breathing, +1 stealth. The cold resistance is a reference to how mako sharks can make their body temperature warmer than the water around them to build up speed. Bull Shark: Bull Shark Jaws (Head: Extremely Rare): The effects would be +2 smell, +3 strength, +1 hearing, +1 underwater echolocation, +1 underwater breathing. Strength is for their extremely powerful bite. Goblin Shark: Deep Sea Jaws (Head: Extremely Rare): The effects would be +1 underwater breathing, +1 strength, +2 distasteful appearance. The distasteful appearance because unfortunately isn't the prettiest of the animals. Whale Shark: Sugoi Filter (gaming beaver reference)(Head: Uncommon): Effects be +1 underwater breathing, +1 smelling, +1 filter feeding (link below), +1 collecting. Nurse Shark: Nursing Pattern (Pattern: Uncommon): This would provide +2 camouflage in all environments except snow. This is reference to how nurse sharks have good camouflage plus I really wanted to add one. Yeah so I hope you've found this interesting sincerely, Biogamer.
  9. Well I think they should've added this effect because it could make going underwater a little more unique. Also I don't think big ears would do nothing more than hold some water after the nichelings got out. So I decided why not underwater echolocation, because underwater hearing doesn't sound right personally. So yeah underwater Echolocation works like hearing, but underwater. Ground breaking right. So hope this was simple and a little interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  10. Hm... I guess that it would be -1 cold resistance because after all the legs are fairly thin and are scaly, not the best for a cold environment.
  11. Now I talk about how I love so many animals and the secretary birds are part of those favourites, being a beautiful bird, a fierce hunter and of course have me make another idea to attempt to slap into the games. It's obvious that people would love more lifeforms to be added into the games, wether it's a predator, prey, parasite or something new and a common one is snakes. And if snakes were added what better set of genes to use other than a secretary bird (besides mongoose but that isn't the point). So first the Secretary Eyes would be unlocked by attacking and not doing damage 15 times and spending 25 days in a savannah biome. It would be unlocked by this because: They are accurate keep debris out of their eyes (even though there is no debris like features which they should add BTW) The effects would be +3 sight and +1 attractiveness for both males and females (because look at those specialised feathers, beautiful). The Secretary Head Feathers would most likely unlocked by call to attract wild animals 40 times and spending 25 days in a savannah biome. The effects would be +1 attractiveness for both male and female, +1 smell, +1 hearing and +1 strength. The reason for hearing is because birds don't have ears, which is the main topic of another request down below. Next the Secretary wings be unlocked by flying 30 times and spending 25 days in a savannah biome. The effects would be +4 flying (secretary can but don't really fly that much). Now the main feature of this whole video the Secretary Talons. Unlocked after attacking 30 times, flying 10 times and spending 25 days in a savannah biome. The effects would provide +1 swimming, +2 speed (they're fast), +2 strength. The reason for the +2 strength is because there kicks are around 20 kg which is 4x heavier than them, which may not sound like much but if it was to be put on a scale to a nicheling (which could easily be more heavier) it's safe to say it would be deadly. Finally a new immunity, immunity Secra (better name is asked for it) which would be unlocked after being poisoned 15 times. It just provides poison resistance. So I hope you've found this interesting, Sincerely Biogamer. Here are also some of those snake ideas:
  12. Now I've thought of a decent theory on the reason on why Zacian holds a sword in its mouth. PS if somebody had already suggested this theory I'm sorry. So the legendary for sword has been questioned on why it holds the sword in its mouth instead of it being attached somewhere else like its tail. But I think that there's something bigger about it than we think. So it has been suggested that Galar was the region that Kalos had that huge ancient war, have AZ create the ultimate weapon which split and created two universes (latter on that). So what if Zacian and Zamazenta where the king of Galar's signature pokemon? Zamazenta would have originally had the shield around it but Zacian didn't have its sword because it was the kings (we don't know the sizes of these pokemon so we don't know how big the sword is. So it could work). Now the King had unfortunately had passed away (either by Z's weapon or other cause). And because of this his sword could've been taken by Zacian. This could've happened in universe A while what happened to Zacian in universe B is unknown. Know here's where the evidence as well as maybe some facts already mentioned: Zacian holds the sword in its mouth They are rare (Royalty usually have rare animals, objects and so forth) The ancient areas shown in the trailers Pokemon Generations EP 18 we see pokemon native to both sides Now I say universe A this could be the reason and the reason is because of AZ's ultimate weapon. Because when AZ used this weapon it was so powerful that it caused the universe to split and have two universes universe A where history kept on course and universe B where the aura created mega stones. This means of course certain games must be in universe A (gen 1-5) while others are in universe B (gen 6-onwards). However it's stated that mega evolution would not be in the games so this would make sword and shield be in universe A hence this whole theory (also the reason why Zamazenta isn't included is because the shield looks like it's more natural than what we see with normal shields). This is my first time doing this so if there is anything wrong please point it out it would be much appreciated. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  13. Now yes the bubonic plague is one of the worlds most devastating events that nearly eliminated civilisation in Eurasia, but it's still a fascinating topic, so fascinating that I think that a new type of diseases should be added, Plague. Now this sickness would be even more devastating than the common cold (and that's saying something) with the Plague not stopping at half health but would keep on going. Creatures must be at least two tills away from the contaminated creature in order not to get sick. The effects could cause the creature to not be mobile (could lose 1/2 actions), be less stealthy (lose scentless as well as stealth and other similar effects), bleeding would be even more devastating (cancels blood clotting), some sections of the creature may turn black in some sections (gangrene/dead skin). And if you could think of other effects write it down bellow. Now I said creatures instead of Nichelings because I decided why don't we take it a bit further. The Plague sickness would effect every animal in the game, from small rabbils to Blue Birds, they would all be effected and could die from it. However there are ways to counter this. First would be with the NMR immunity (see below) which could be counter. Not only that but a more risky way to counter is by having two nichelings (or a beatyena parent) infected with the plague sickness and breed would have around a 56-98% chance to be immune to the plague. This is a reference to how some parents had their children immune to the plague when they had it during the time it was in its prime. Finally you could just avoid the creature entirely. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer
  14. Now I am like the average joe and can easily be amazed by an animal having something unique about it. When it could be appearance, colouration and mostly some crazy ability and Elysia Chlorotica (also known as the Eastern Emerald Elysia) does this well by having an ability that is only shown in plants and another four different animals, photosynthesis. The E.E.E body (Which can be said as EEEEEEEEEE) would be unlocked by collecting from every plant 15 times, except algae which would be collected 100 times. Know this may seem a little expensive to do but the reason for this is because, first players naturally collect from berry bushes as a food source and secondly to make the game more balance. After all the effects are +1 distasteful appearance because why not (also I think it could confuse predators), +1 underwater breathing (they're sea slugs) and finally one of the broken genes that I've made so far Photosynthesis. What this effect does is make the nicheling not need to eat for a extended period of time all it has to do is collect from plant life (except from harmful plants and trees). And below shows how many days nichelings can live with out taking from the food supply. And if it's considered too op I'll edit it to only activate once. Berry Bush: 2 Days Bare Berry Bush: 2 Days Cactus: 1 Day/ 2 Days (if defence is around) Smelly Fruit: 2 Days Toxic Berry Bush: 1 Day/ 2 Days (if poison resistance is around) Grass: 1 Day Jungle Foliage: 1 Day Blocking Vine Root: 3 Days Healing Plant: 3 Days Water Healing Plant: 3 Days Algae: 2 Days (to link back to what this gene is based on) Twig Bush: 1 Day So I hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  15. True but there are only three genes with the distasteful appearance effect (toxic body, Bearyena and derp snout). So I kind of wanted to add some more.
  16. Now the cane toad is classified as a pest and a threat to Australia's wildlife but believe me when I say I think they're along the lines of an evolutionary success story and with these genes here's why. First the Cane Toad Head (can't really think of a name 😅) and would be unlocked either by introducing the gene to the tribe or by collecting from poison spending 20 days in a hot biome as well as a swamp. The effects would be +2 smelling, +2 insect collecting, +2 distasteful appearance and +1 hearing as well as disable ears. Though this may seem like a little too much for a snout gene to some people in my defence the bearyena snout and saber tooth fangs have more effects. Smelling is their primary method of finding prey and if their appearance doesn't deter predators they would secrete a milky-white fluid known as bufotoxin which could lead to effects like paralysis, increased heart beat and even death. Next the Cane Toad Body (again really can't think of a name) would be unlocked by either being invited into the tribe or by spending 20 days in both a hot and swamp biome, collecting from toxic berry bushes 10 times and receiving 10 attacks. The effects would be +2 poisonous, +1 defence, +2 heat resistance, -1 cold resistance, +2 distasteful appearance. And I really don't think there is a need to give paw/hind leg genes to this idea because the don't really have anything that make them stick out. Now the reasoning for these effects are fairly simple: Smelling is their primary method of finding prey Primarily insectivores Appearance deter predators Secrete a milky-white fluid known as bufotoxin which could lead to effects like paralysis, increased heart beat and even death Defence because their skin is tough Heat resistance because they live in a variety of warm biomes (including sand dunes) So I hope you found this interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  17. Now in a previous post I discused the idea (The Narwhal) I suggested a new effect called ice breaking with the explanation down below, so I wanted more genes in relation to this. The polar bear is usually put with the same idea with the balance bear so the ideas (in no offence whats so ever because I've seen them and they're good) are pretty similar. But to be fair I am going to something slightly similar. So the Ice Breaker Paws would be unlocked by ice breaking 50 times, Spending 30 days in a cold biome and attacking 50 times. This may be quite expensive to get but this would be worth it because the Ice Breaker Paws do have a fair amount of effects. The effects would be +2 ice breaking, +1 cold resistance and +2 strength. Now the ice breaking and strength is obvious but the cold resistance would be because, they're fluffy. Now the Polar Hind Paws would be unlocked by moving 30 times and spending 30 days in a cold biome. The effects would be +2 speed and +2 swimming. This is because they are both good swimmers and runners and though swimming shouldn't be equal to speed but the genes need to be balanced. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  18. Tundras biomes are a little, bare so to say but they do have life like the usual predator/prey and the rare plant. But the tundra waters in niche are fairly bland, which I find slightly ridiculous. After all different animals travel to these places and they give the place an unique biome, so what if we added a little more interaction with the cold shores. The Narwals Tooth (yep the horns a tooth) would be unlocked by ice breaking 30 times and fishing 30 times. The effects would be +1 strength, +2 hearing, +1 smelling, +1 fishing and +1 ice breaking. Now yes for a Narwhal to have bonus hearing does sound a little odd but I can assure you it does make some sense. The Narwhals don't actually use their horns to fight but use it for fishing, ice breaking and echolocation. And they could've done this when they introduced the bat head, but they didn't so hearing would have to do. Ice breaking would be the new effect that could add some risk to playing in the tundra biome. What this does when some ice blocks the top of the water nichelings can travel on them. And by doing so certain tiles can be broken (usually they would be clumped together). These tiles could be broken and allow nichelings to dive in and swim around in these sections. The higher the ice breaking effect the more of these ice tiles are broken (eg 3 ice breaking equals 3 ice tiles). Though after 2-3 days the ice tiles would reform after broken. As for the waters I think that the waters around tundra biomes should be extended a little more for water biomes are a little nicer to travel to and not have water genes have more use in these cold shores. Hope this was interesting, Sincerely Biogamer.
  19. Yes one of the best ground types. Hopefully sword and shield gives it something like a mega or buff in stats (should've been in ORAS).
  20. Well the drawing ain't mine (my bad), the link to the artist is here https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19668758/
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