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  1. ( I guess do what you want )
  2. Wren landed at the island, she dropped into a crouch. She lowered her snout to the ground and made her way through the foliage, she kept herself low and she attempted at stay vigilant until she found a nicheling she could talk to.
  3. She quickly whipped back around and started to fly off into the sky again.
  4. Wren stopped at the strange island, she scanned the area hoping to find Zorthok. "What if the nichelings here are aggressive?" A shrill voice inside her head worried her.
  5. She shook her head, he must already be on some sort of island.
  6. "Yeah.. See yah.." She turned and rose up into the sky flying and started flying north. "What a thrilling day this will be.." she said to herself. As she started flying over the stepping stones she started to call out to Zorthok.
  7. "Hm.. The North port..." She murmured, thinking. "Maybe that's what he was muttering about when I saw him.." She thought. "So I should track him down using the North Ports trail? I think I could probably fly across the trail pretty easily."
  8. "Yeah, I was.. Where does he usually go when he's not in the marsh?" She tilted her head.
  9. ( I also like the tufts on top of the head )
  10. I love the eartufts! I put those in my drawings of furry creatures as well!
  11. "Anything to help!" She nodded, flying back into the sky. She paused in mid-air, "Where do I go when I'm done patrolling...?" she wondered. "Can I hang out with other nichelings? Or would they all be too busy.. I wouldn't want to be nuisance.." She thought to herself. "Well.. Maybe Zorthok wouldn't mind to chat. Zorthok probably didn't mean to come off as rude. Maybe he wasn't busy now. She flew off towards the Aquamarine Marsh. She decided to land in the mangrove tree. "Zorthok..?" She called out.
  12. Wren nodded, "Okay, thank you for the information.. I'll try my best!". Wren shot up into the sky and starting flying across the ocean, Wren could see the island.. But she was practically shaking with fear. She always heard about the apes that dwelled in the jungles. But however, Wren trusted if Mudskip didn't warn her about it that she didn't have to worry about it. She shook her head trying to shake her mind from the nervousness. She reached the island and landed in the clearing. There were stinky fruit trees, roots sticking up out of the ground.. She even caught sight of a rogue male stumb
  13. ``Well, alright.. Do you know what they prey on..?`` Her head tilted, trying to think up a distraction for the problematic fish.
  14. ``Uh oh, do you need me to report this to Anepa?`` Nervousness edged her voice.
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