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  1. Recently got another double pair of em And some screenshots of pairs of twins from my stash;
  2. aww the demo nichelings were so adorable!
  3. Could you make a nicheling named Petal? Maybe use some soft colors and such..
  4. Strawberry should be the next leader ! He looks the most as his parents.
  5. Yeah oasis is nice. There's a lot of fish in that big pool so if you manage to get water bodied creatures with high fishing your good to go!
  6. Oh God please don't start names with fur- and pelt- 5/10 Birchspeckle
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Just came back from school and im greeted with this beauty! 😊 Thxs so much!!! ❤️💗
  8. If you have time, could you draw Rosy someday owo?
  9. So when Yarrow gets pregnant her belly is yellow but when she gives birth... It turns white again! .....is that normal? (also twins, yay! ❤️)
  10. too many heccing badgers ;/
  11. gogglekun almost gogglekuynn uhh goggles-kun ayy managed
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