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  1. The "free" hinge actually has a ton of resistance right now, even in vacuum. At high speeds, anyway. At low speeds, it seems to spin forever. Oddly, the force isn't transmitted to the craft, like a brake would. The energy just disappears.
  2. Try using flamethrowers instead of lasers.
  3. corona_wind

    i want beta

    The full version is not free, you must have got the demo. If it is the demo you want and couldn't get, look for the link titled 'demo version download' in the main forums.
  4. I've tried deleting and re-adding the mining parts to the ship to no avail.
  5. Okay...? So don't, then? What's your point, or question?
  6. Lots of very sketchy games are also made from unity unfortunately
  7. corona_wind

    Mining Failure

    This craft mined a tiny bit then quit. I can see the animation and hear the mining noise, but nothing happens.
  8. When editing ship names and descriptions, I hit a moment where typing letters added them to the ship name, but hitting backspace removed letters from the description.
  9. This is why I post links when I say that, so you can vote for that suggestion, but in this case it's a moot point -- pistons are already in the game
  10. The engines that fire on load, seem related to engines which were charged on exit.
  11. Trilobite version 3, 13 to 13.5 seconds on versus racetrack. Engines at 45 degrees and carefully placed to drift away from the racetrack edge on turn. The little ejectable side-engines guide it past the red zone that kills so many. One gets ejected depending on whether the opponent is below or above, the other after three seconds. The bouncing is silly, but works nearly every time, where the red zone killed it 50% of the time! To say nothing of avoiding tangles.
  12. That's at least three times now I've tried to un-check the 'add as opponent' checkbox after a tournament and the game has instantly decided "he must want to upload that as an opponent!" I've been told before that I just missed, but this time, it was blatant. I clicked on the checkbox, and it took that as a button click. The collider is smaller than the checkbox, and overlaps with the button collider, which is too big.
  13. Fastest ramjet startup I've managed yet, 0.3 seconds from go to boom, with a combination of pulse and normal engines. 42.7 seconds for the whole course. Still not good enough to defeat Pirhana-A in phoenix, they must have one mean machine! 15th place is 51 seconds, 13th place is 41!
  14. Sometimes, when you enter testing, a pulse engine hooked up to a direction indicator will fire instantly for no reason. Not just a logic glitch, there's no way it should have power on load.
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