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  1. It does cost more to bring mining parts, but once you survive the first galaxy, minerals are so abundant that carrying mining stuff is usually a win. I'm not sure that's bad - game progression without rewards is just a treadmill, and these lodes come with big risks. Balancing is still needed though. The threat mechanic is still obnoxiously luck-based. No matter how well you progress, you either find a shop in time, or die. My suggestions for both problems come down to more uses for money: Fixing the Nimbatus should be E X P E N S I V E. 200 Rougium a bar? Doable in the second galaxy, very hard in the first. Some items should be reliably stocked in shops. I'd stock with one engine or fuel tank, one battery or weapon, and two randoms excluding engines and batteries. This brings it to odds people would be willing to bet on. Shops should be much more expensive as a tradeoff. Ways to manage threat percentage with money. That random encounter where pirates ransom you with +50% threat level? How about the option to triple their price to mislead the corp, for -25% threat! A one-use item to mask your ion trail, letting you temporarily reduce threat level by 50%. Super-expensive, but easily a decision of life or death. A false decoy to attract the corporation, exchanging +25% threat now for -25% in the next galaxy. Et cetera. This gives meaningful choices and multiple strategies for dealing with threat %, none of them free.
  2. I had been building magnet systems with a switch, to turn on and off, but have found that can be replaced by a distance sensor, set to detect collectible items, pointing straight through the magnet. I put this in "logic" though the only logic is mechanical - it stays on since the magnet holds it to the sensor.
  3. Noticed another one today: Pirate Ransom - A space pirate threatens to rat you out to the Corp unless you pay. If you say no, your threat percentage may skyrocket. Sometimes they're just bluffing and nothing happens.
  4. Bio, plasma, cryo, all do less damage. If there's an average, kinetic's way above it.
  5. I still like playing Pilot, because you'll get a hundred junk weapons before you find anything as nice as those plasma long lasers. And that emergency-backwards-ramjet is better than a shield when surprised.
  6. Yes, they do. Though they balanced that somewhat. Drones below a certain size now launch free, which has moved me away from my big old workhorse to something more like Astroslug's. Upside: Less money needed. Downside: Less free money from minerals and scrap I stumble upon. Big downside: Sometimes I end up launching twice, when I stumble on a particularly rich planet, which increases threat percentage. The new 'mini magnet' is only marginally useful, no more pumping up lagging yellow numbers with scrap. Unobtanium and shops seem easier to find now, so the arbitrary and random "threat" mechanic isn't as threatening as it was.
  7. A stock grenade launcher's range, velocity, and accuracy are all terrible, though. It is the anti-sniper not-rifle, or snot-rifle for short. Definitely has its uses of course. Rockets are better, if slow snipers -- they start with such good range they leave the screen. Give them 100% accuracy and and speed upgrades and they're deadly.
  8. Did you fix this? I haven't hit this wall in my latest campaign.
  9. Drones already have notes, but we can't edit them in the editor. Some sort of popover to edit them then-and-there would be lovely, no need to memorize our keybindings any more. It'd be nice to view them after launch, too. Perhaps drone notes could pop up on pause?
  10. The suggestions I like the most on that list: We've all been screaming for ordered fuel tanks since day one. This should be super mega ultra priority. But I suspect it'll never happen for the same reason we can't get stabilizers -- it would shake up the race rankings, which is super bad juju in an alpha* prerelease* that changes parts and mechanics weekly*. Better testing arenas of any sort. We've outgrown them all. I might make a topic on this. Time warp in testing may be hard to implement, but vital. If we can't in test, there's little point having it anywhere else. Redundant ones: We already have parts that move the camera. Problematic ones: Any key/logic/formatting stuff is unlikely while they're thinking on basic changes to logic. They're not going to build an intricate keymapper they'd have to throw out in 2 months. Modding is our best hope for the foreseeable future. Ones that need more thought: Zoom-in is harmless, but zoom-out is a question of game difficulty. Too much lets you cheese the map. *(Hint hint. Do it. Fix stuff that touches rankings. This is what alphas are for! )
  11. Assign your own key to an engine, and it should never change when copy pasted. (Even if this key is just A again).
  12. Assign an input to each color? As in RGB, or what?
  13. Nimbatus is a construction game, and gives you all the parts you need to build that. If you're having trouble, check out the tutorials, and/or download a simple drone from steam which does what you want.
  14. This can be marked 'implemented' now that we have the flipper part, which stops at two specific points of rotation.
  15. Did you adjust the chances? Because my latest playthrough is finding more useful stuff more easily. Not "easily", but its there if I plan ahead.
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