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  1. @Meron’nikeringu I sent you the pearlcatcher! :3
  2. Thank you @The Spanish Inquisition! ^^ I sent you the pearlcatcher!
  3. Could I have the multi gaze draco?
  4. Platinum’s first babies have hatched! I’m giving away all except for the one on the left! ^^ New Hatchlings
  5. Could I pair them up with future males of mine perhaps? I know I’m coming with some as hatchlings someday :3 and if there’s more than one, we split our hatchlings to each other! ^^
  6. Might just take a break from the forums.. nothing you can really do, when you’re not where I’m at.. so don’t worry about me ❤️
  7. I forbid anyone here to try and save me, I am f****** tired of it.

    1. Aetherbee



      Well, I’ll leave you alone. 
      But try to be happy for me 

      (By alone I mean I’ll stop trying to ‘save’ you, but If you say something sad directly to me, expect me to do something.)

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