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  1. Hey folks, I have decided that I am not gonna draw, instead, I am going to play... SKYRIM!! Sooo yeah.. might do a playthrough of that someday but eh I’m just gonna play on my Switchie and do stuff, cya folks.

  2. Alright guys I think I’m just gonna stay off for now because it is silent for some reason and I don’t know what’s going on(the people I’m following may be commenting on posts that I’m not following but I’m not sure if that’s the case of why..)so I need a little break for a bit.. I need to be ready to start working on my next request soon.

    1. Squishy the whale

      Squishy the whale

      See you later also yay FlowerMask request!

  3. *doesnt get saved and stays bored hmph*
  5. Save me.. I’m not getting any notifications right now.. why does this happen sometimes? ;-;

  6. Wait.. new Savannah Survivors is finally out?! IVE BEEN WAITING AGES!! Aw this is sooo amazing! Okie ima go watch YT for a bit now, thanks!
  7. Jay, I have a question.. is this the Deep Jungle you’re planning on going to continue with the Family of Night from “A Castaway Tale”? If so then it’s good to prepare cause you’ll never know if bugs are gonna show up while playing..
  8. If only I could help you out with that..
  9. Geez cook em or something...
  10. Lol, also my 700 content count compared to your guy’s 3k count XDDDD I regret that much X and Ds AND I regret that Lol
  11. Should’ve shared some to me.. aw well I guess I’ll try and get some at a food mart or somethin..
  12. I’d laugh and be sad at the same time haha
  13. First time I ever won on June 21.. I don’t know if I’ll ever get anything this special again :’3
  14. Good. You need the peace and relaxation from music, it’ll help.
  15. You know if it’s not working out.. just change things up a bit eh? The Deadly Hills is nothing to scoff at, being alone wont do justice.. people here only want to see the poor thing die...(which is what I totally disagree with and hate...)
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