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  1. At this point I am not even playing this savefile anymore.. its Silver's original tribe and they're currently on the island where the jungle port is, if you want.. you folks can give it a try to see if they can even survive the jungle island, be warned though.. I have turned off wanderers and rogue males to increase the challenge more of just breeding your current tribe. Slot0.nichesave
  2. The sketch one isn’t complete.. I still have yet to work on it, but I’m just showing it off for a brief look on what it might be.
  3. Considering how she was born from a hybrid actually.. she might’ve actually been taken away by her mother to be cared for on her own, since the hybrids could be a separate tribe considering their genes..
  4. Posting this pretty child and then I'm taking a break.. I'm SOOO tired... ;-;
  5. Uhh.. I think I forgot to mention one thing.. in the tribe's culture.. if a rogue child is born, they feed it to a starving blue bird, drown it, or they simply banish the child once it's a teen.. ;-;
  6. Oh my god the babus just keep getting prettier!
  7. Careful now.. don't let supplies go down, also if you're travelling and want to keep the current tribe in grass adventure to play with them more, then simply clone the save, let the current one be where they travel, and let the clone one be where you delete the travelers through the console, and keep the ones that stayed! Alright?
  8. Naki just had her hybrid cub, he's absolutely adorable! ❤️ And I guess the whole family on this side is gathering around!
  9. At least you're breeding the right pairs! I don't usually mark their gems with the exact pair because I wanted them all to be maroon and red to represent the tribe, but I'm glad you figured them out at least! ^^'
  10. Also, isn't this babu just adorable as well? His name is pretty cute too!
  11. OOOOOOHHHHHH!!! (damn that is a pretty babu)
  12. I suggest moving the jungle to progress since you've got so many food with you, if you have so many.. you can focus on survival rather than collecting food I suggest bringing Nichelings with the stinky tail and heat resistant genes, as well as those with purrsnout, big nose, and hybrid genes! ^^
  13. Anyways.. heres the current family tree incase you were confused
  14. Oooh show me the screenshots! Don't worry they wont get mixed up with my own
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